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Path Of Exile: Inspiring Advice on The Witch Class

Whether it's Path Of Exile's base game or Challenge Leagues, the witch is always one of our most common occupations. As a class that extends across the multiples builds, it has four subclasses, including Summoner, Fire Witch, Lightning Witch, and Ice Witch. As the Sentinel League progresses, different builds of the Witch Class can provide different levels of fun. The following Pro Tips will help you build more powerful and useful witch builds for more exciting experiences in the game.

1. The witch can also shine as a supporting role.

Due to the witch's powerful element and magic useability, she is regarded as the main damage or summoner, but it has to be said that the witch can also become an excellent auxiliary role.

It cannot be ignored that the witch class can bring multiple auras in a short period of time and can inflict various debuffs on enemies through curses. This significant benefit can open the way for other occupations in the team to lead to smoother team play.

2. Rational use of witch's Ascendancy.

Ascendancy is a unique mechanic in the game that can improve different classes. The improvement of the witch class is very representative. It seems that every Ascendancy choice can achieve a different degree of balance.

3. The witch has potential as a Glass Cannon.

A Glass Cannon can play a very important role in a team, although the witch class is often seen as a Tank. But the passive skill that converts energy shields into mana through Eldritch Battery may bring more surprises. Proper use of this style of the build will make it possible to get a full set of damage gear. is dedicated to bringing you gaming support. If you need POE Exalted Orb and POE Currency during the build process, you can always get them here.

We will process the order and deliver the products for you as soon as possible. Welcome to continue to pay attention to us.

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