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Path of Exile: Interplay between Corrupted Soul and Petrified Blood

Jun 25, 2022

For fans of the excellent ARPG Path of Exile, the game's complex mechanics are a constant source of fun, but the sheer number and variety of effects and interactions between active and passive skills have spawned more likely, which has led to many players having doubts.

Grinding Gear Games is committed to improving the player's experience and continues to bring players more questions and explanations of the mechanics. Recently, the new Game Mechanics Explain brought a professional interpretation. It contains a mechanic explanation of how the Corrupted Soul keystone and Petrified Blood interact with players who are most concerned about it.

Corrupted Soul is a unique and powerful keystone passive skill that causes 50% Non-Chaos damage taken to bypass Energy Shield and grants 15% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield. Petrified Blood is mana reserved to protect low health A spell with the character's life in, it will make a portion of the life loss take effect over time by hitting.

The interaction of the two brings the 40% of damage delayed will not only apply to half of the damage received, because Petrified Blood does not change or delay the damage received, only the loss of life due to damage, such as Energy Shield.

Assuming you have enough Energy Shield to match your soul, and no effects like Mind over Matter or Guard skills that make you lose other things, then you will lose half of the Energy Shield from the damage you take and the other half is life.

I hope the above will help you, and if you want more information, be sure to visit At the same time, we will provide POE Currency support for your Path of Exile process, please feel free to contact us.


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