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Path Of Exile: More Details About Corrupted Gear

Path Of Exile is an ARPG based on loot, you need to spend a lot of time to grind loot and build an ideal POE build. Now that the Scourge league has started, players seem to be busy again.

Path Of Exile’s Ultimatum and Scourge expansion hinders this process by adding to the focus on corrupted items. But corrupted items are unpredictable, so it helps to know how they operate in advance. has done a more comprehensive collection of information so that you can master the relevant situation more quickly.

Corrupted Gear & Corrupting Gear

Corruption in POE is complicated, and it will affect all aspects. For example, a corrupted ring gains immunity to poison, and armor can gain reduced damage reduction. The number of possible rewards adds another level to the steep learning curve of POE.

However, the corrupting gear may have no effect, just add a useless corrupted modifier without changing the stats. To make matters worse, a corrupted item cannot be improved or altered, save for changing the slots and links at a crafting table. You should only gamble on gear that has been fully upgraded.

Corrupting Gear With Vaal Orbs

The most common way to corrupt items is to use Vaal Orbs, which is a rare currency, you can find it from monsters or arcanist strongboxes. As expected, you are more likely to find them in Vaal side areas. You can also use 7 Vaal Skill Gems and a Vaal Sacrifice fragment to craft them. The other easiest way is to buy them from

When you apply a Vaal Orb to an item, if it has an effect, it will hang in the air, but sometimes it will not play any role, you should farm or trade a lot in advance. You can also try to put the corrupt item in a storage box corrupted by a Vaal Orb.

Corrupting with the Altar of Corruption

You can find the Locus of Corruption in the Temple of Atzoatl area, which is an altar of corruption. If you give an item to the altar, then this item has a 25% chance of gaining two corruption modifiers and a 25% chance of being destroyed. It can also turn all sockets into white, or re-roll the item to a different rare item.

In the course of the game, you will inevitably need more POE Currency, you can come here to get them directly. Now POE Scourge Currency is available on, and the price is considerable, as long as you need, you can come here to buy things you need anytime.

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