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Path Of Exile: New Features Of Upcoming Scourge League

Path Of Exile’s new league is coming on October 22, which is the Scourge League. The new league will bring more new content. listed important upcoming features.

The Blood Crucible

If you want to join the new challenge league, you will get a Blood Crucible. This rusty device can be implanted on yourself, and it can collect the blood of the monsters you kill. This also means that once you have collected enough monster blood, you can activate this device, and then it will send you to another Wraeclast, where an apocalyptic event will occur. You can only stay in a parallel universe for a short time.

The advantage of this new mechanism is that you can place maps and items in Blood Crucible. By having enough kills in the alternate Wraeclast, you will gain two unique modifiers that are not available elsewhere.

The Scourge challenge is available in Standard, Solo Self-Found, and Hardcore modes. If you join the Scourge league, you can complete 40 new challenges.


The 3.15 update will become a core part of the game, so you will be able to interact with Kalguuran Merchants and have the opportunity to bargain and gamble for the items for what you want for the builds.

Although Expedition will appear in the standard version, Cadiro Peradus will be removed from the game. So some of the items he provided and Perandus Coins will not be available in 3.16.

Passive Skill Tree

As we all know, the passive skill tree in Path Of Exile is very complicated, and many new players will even leave the game because of it. Based on this, developers will completely rework the passive skill tree and they will add masteries into the mix. Passive masteries are scattered in the skill tree, but giving them points will make your character stronger.

Now stay tuned for the arrival of the Scourge league, new content is always exciting. Once the new expansion is online, you can also come here to buy POE Currency, because as a game service website that focuses on POE, we will always provide what players need most at the first time.

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