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POE Scourge: Welcome To The Demonic, Alternate Wraeclast

Path Of Exile's upcoming Scourge expansion will introduce a new challenge league, you need to hunt demons on their home turf, which is an alternative, evil-infested version of Wrarclast. You will visit it by spilling the blood of monsters. Although the journey is dangerous, the rewards will be substantial, and you can expect the best rewards in Path Of Exile.

GGG revealed the details of the Scourge expansion in the Livestream, and also explained some of the upcoming changes in the endgame content, the rework of the passive skill tree, the brand new skills coming to the game, the balance changes, and the improvement of the guilds. lists some important information.

NPC in Scourge

Scourge will start when you leave Lioneye’e Watch, where you will meet an NPC who appears suddenly and seems to be chased by an unseen tormentor.

She will give you a Blood Crucible and tell you how to implant it in your body. You may be confused by the request made by the person you just met, but what she said is useful to you. Because Blood Crucible is your ticket to an alternate dimension that is crawling with demons named Scourge, you need to use the blood collected from the killed enemies to pay them a visit.

Blood Crucible

The more blood you collect in Crucible, the longer you stay in the demonic version of Wraeclast. You can put an item in the Crucible, and when you are busy bludgeoning Scourge, it can absorb corruption. Collect enough corruption, the item itself will be corrupted, get a pair of Scourged Modifiers, which add a positive and negative trait to your items. You can do this up to 3 times, so if you encounter a mod you don't like the first time, you won't be trapped by them.

In the endgame, you can place Atlas of Worlds maps into Blood Crucible, making them more dangerous and valuable. GGG said that this system is for you to determine the level of challenge you want to accept in the endgame of Scourge. In fact, transforming maps too many times can make them too dangerous to complete, so you need to be careful when transforming them.

New endgame content

Endgame activities like Breach, Blight, Legion, and Delirium have uber versions, which can upgrade the difficulty level and the potential rewards gained for completing them.

Passive skill tree

GGG also reworks the complex passive skill tree of POE, so that players who invested a lot of time were familiar enough with it while reducing less used skills or distractions. The idea is to give you build options without having to enter particular paths to obtain specific niche skills you want.

When Scourge is officially launched on October 22, will also provide more corresponding game guides and suggestions, and POE Scourge Currency will also come as promised. As long as you need it, you can come here to buy it at any time. So, if you are a POE player, then subscribing to will be helpful to you, including POE Currency support and game strategies.

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