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Path Of Exile Scourge Will Have Major Balance Overhauls

The Path Of Exile team will hold a special stream today to discuss the upcoming Scourge expansion, and it will be available later this month.

This Stream will happen when POE Twitch starts at 3 pm on October 14, when related content will be leaked. Scourge will start live streaming at noon Pacific on October 22, and the team will announce several new supporter packs and Twitch Drops for Dragonfly Wings at the same time.

Recently, has also learned about some balance changes of POE, including how to prevent or mitigate ailments. Instead of the old flask system, there will now be more options, such as spells, skills, different types of flasks, and even the modifiers of items and passive skills to be the solution. The entire flask system has been completely revised, which not only brings more choices, but also brings different flask types, tiers for modifiers, and even by letting the life flask heal the same amount in half the time, this also means faster healing will be available.

The core role defense and recovery system will be completely changed, dodge will be removed, and other forms of expandable defense will be strengthened. Something like armor does not provide sufficient defense to be implemented. The armor will be more powerful, but it will not be enough to protect you from elemental damage, so GGG needs to overhaul the passives in the tree to help you.

The aura, curse, and elemental damage over time are getting revamped to promote these more balanced. As for more news about Scourge, we can only wait until Stream starts.

Perhaps the new league will be worth looking forward to, because a more balanced game can bring players the best possible gaming experience.

Once Scourge is available, will provide the corresponding POE Currency. As a game service website focusing on the POE series, we always know what the items most players most need when a new league starts, so we will also launch POE Scourge Currency in a short time, as long as you need it, you can rush over to buy it as soon as possible.

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