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Path of Exile's Kirac's Vault Pass is now live

Grinding Gear Games released Patch 2.06 for Path of Exile on April 19. Kirac's Vault Pass is now available on Playstation, and players can access it through the Atlas UI or Karui Shores.

Purchasing the Kirac's Vault Pass will receive many unique rewards, including rare items and skins. Players will unlock access to Kirac’s Vault and can earn generous rewards for completing Atlas objectives: including eight unique items and skins. There is a total of 117 map reward objectives waiting for you to challenge, the first reward will be obtained after the player defeats Kitava in Karui Shores.

These bonus skins not only provide cool looks to game items but also enable visual interactions according to different gameplay. But they're more of a cosmetic feature that doesn't make a difference to gaming performance.

It should be noted that this pass is only available for purchase by players participating in the current challenge league, not for standard players.

The announcement of Kirac’s Vault Pass has been two months away from the official release. I believe that many long-awaited players have already purchased it. You can get more info at and buy cheap POE Currency to use with Kirac’s Vault Pass for a smoother gaming experience.

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