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Path Of Exile Scourge League Mechanics Guide

Scourge has already started. To help you immerse yourself in the game faster, will provide a more comprehensive mechanic guide.

You will meet a specific NPC, The Last to Die at the Coast. She will appear after a light splash on your screen.

How to enter the Nightmare?

Nightmare is the name of the demonic dimension in Scourge. Talk to The Last to Die, you will get a Blood Crucible from her, this is the item you will use later.

After that, you need to implant Blood Crucible into your inventory, as shown below:

Now, Blood Crucible will become active. You need to click on it and put any items you want to upgrade into the slot. Now all armor items have a series of basic defense stats, you can check them by holding down ALT and hovering the item.

Now you can see how many points are needed to activate the transform button. You can also see the skills in Blood Crucible, you need to fill it up by killing monsters to collect their blood. So POE Currency can also help you speed up this process.

When you start to kill the monsters, you will see a new meter, as shown below.

It shows how much blood your Blood Crucible needs to unlock new options for your character. There is a mark in the middle, which shows when you can activate your Blood Crucible to transform realities.

How to switch to Scourge?

There is a button next to the flask at the bottom of the screen. When you have enough blood, you can click on it and switch realities. But when you leave an area, it will reset, and you will start at 0 blood. If you go back to the previous area, the meter will be the same as when you left.

Or you can switch to Nightmare by pressing the "V" key. You can choose not to switch immediately and kill more monsters, but when you reach the top of the meter, you won't naturally get more blood. But before entering the Nightmare, the more you have, the longer you can stay there.

How to transform an item?

When you have collected enough points, you will see a new button at the bottom of the screen showing how many actions you can perform in Blood Crucible. Click the icon, and then transform the prepared item.

First of all, all items will be corrupted. Secondly, you can see orange mods. They are random and may be good or bad.

How to level up the skills?

When you open your Blood Crucible window, you can switch between Crucible and Skills. Select Skills and you will see that you need to gain skill points and level up there.

When you kill monsters in the Nightmare realm, you will get these experience points. When you have collected enough experience points to upgrade, you will see a related icon at the bottom of the screen.

Click on it and you will quickly open the skills tab. You can collect as many skill points as you can until you decide to allocate them. If you want to transform jewelry, you can choose the first skill to upgrade. The other two can increase the corruption collection speed of armor and weapons/quivers.

Allocate all the points you have and click to apply points. You can hover over the skill to see what you can get at the next level and how many points you need to reach the maximum potential of this skill. If you encounter all these skills, you will find that they all bring benefits to the other tab where you transform items.

This is the guide about the Scourge mechanic. will also provide corresponding game guides or related information according to the development of the game content. And POE Scourge Currency is also available here, as long as you need it, you can come here to buy at any time.

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