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Path of Exile: Sentinel will not be added to the core game

Jul 19, 2022

Sentinel League has been running for almost two months now, and we are gradually coming to an end. With the release of the new 3.19 timeline, we're also about to see brand-new league mechanics and expansions coming in August. Whenever entering this stage, there will be a problem that players are very concerned about, that is, whether the current league mechanism can be integrated into the core game.

The answer given to us by Grinding Gear Game is no. For now, the development team believes that a series of improvements and tweaks are needed if Sentinel mechanics are to be used as a core game, and while they are interested in possibly working on this in the future, Path of Exile is not focused on that for now.

We will see the end of Sentinel League around August 12th. When it ends, all existing Power Cores and Sentinels players will be deleted. Meanwhile, Recombinators won't drop anymore, but the existing ones will continue to work in Standard and will become progressively more scarce as they are consumed.

In addition, Grinding Gear Game also stated that, given the positive feedback from players on the crafting options provided by Recombinators, they are looking for a reasonable way to bring Recombinators back into the game. At that time, the function of this mechanism changed but will be notified and introduced in advance.

The release of this news has also sparked some discussion in the player community. Many players believe that although the situation of not adding the Sentinel to the core game is expected, they still miss this mechanism and hope to see it in future game content its return. There are also some players who believe that Recombinators will become the new hot in-game currency and now is the best time to farm them.

POECurrency will continue to bring you the latest Path of Exile information. You can always visit, where you can not only get fresh information but also buy POE Currency to fuel your game or league progress. You are welcome to contact us at any time.


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