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Path Of Exile: The Next Update Will Better Use Your Graphics Card's VRAM


When talking about Path Of Exile earlier, we mentioned the memory of one of its NPCs. And the next patch of the game will be released later this week, and this will solve your video card memory.

GGG’s development team has listed all the technical details last week. The main point is that the video RAM issues in the new Vulkan rendering system of DirectX 11 and POE will cause the game to run badly or even crash. 

These results are not conducive to the game experience, and a conservative solution may make some textures blur for a period of time, which seems unattractive.

So a new solution was proposed. It actively uses as much VRAM as possible to quickly load things, while also allowing players with lower-end graphics cards to manage content.

In addition, there is a "Wipe Cache" button, which is to deal with other situations, that is, when players need to act manually because of poor performance.

GGG said that after the patch is online, they will pay close attention to player experience reports. Other graphics repairs, such as invisible monsters and performance diagnostic tools, will be implemented in the following days. will update some POE-related news and other topics of interest to players. If you are a POE player, you can subscribe to Once we update the relevant articles, you will be able to know them for the first time. also provides cheap POE Currency, including not only the popular Exalted Orbs, Chaos Orbs, but also other Orbs. In short, all the useful Orbs you need in the game are available on

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