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Path Of Exile: Witch Summoner Build Can Take Advantage Of Monsters

In Path Of Exile Ultimatum, Trialmaster will spawn monsters in each wave, many of which end up being Rare enemies with stronger affixes, which makes them stronger and harder to kill than regular enemies or Magic enemies. However, there is a way to benefit you and the minions you summon.

How the Witch Summoner Build works?

In POE, Breathstealer can be very powerful, especially for Witch summoners, such as Necromancers. Considering that the killed Rare monster’s modifiers transfer to Blighted Spore, it can obtain affixes like "Other Allies Cannot Die" Aura. Effectively keep you and your minion in the duration of Blighted Spore or unless it is killed. Necromancers also have their affinity with Auras, and this skill build uses this to provide minions with buffs.

This build is very versatile in both gear and how it works. Support gems are also interchangeable, except that two special gems will be the best in slot for every minion skill - Minion Damage and Elemental Army. The former is a normal damage multiplier, and the latter is more interesting because it can make minions tankier while increasing their elemental damage and apply Exposure on hit.

What does the build need?

Because this build is versatile, there is no fixed mode. The main suggestion is to get a "Trigger a Socketed Spell when you use a Skill" wand so that Offering, Desecrate, and Convocation can be embedded in the weapon.

Another useful affix is "Recover x% of Life when you Block", which is excellent for Necromancers to run Bone Offering, use Rumi’s Concoction, and grab a few Block nodes from the passive tree.

All Life recovered through Block and other useful buffs, including a Basalt Flast to reduce physical damage, which can keep Necromancer safe. Lifetap Support appears in Ultimatum, it allows Spectres to release utility buffs more frequently.

Necromancer’s Ascendancy node should include:

* Mistress of Sacrifice

* Commander of Darkness

* Mindless Aggression

* Either Unnatural Strength or Bone Barrier

Witch Summoner Build

You only need maximum Life and Resistance to start.

On jewelry: Dexterity

On rings and the amulet: some elements that can meet the requirements of props or gem attributes

Better Items: 

* An amulet providing +1 to Level of all Intelligence Skill Gems

* A wand with +1 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems

* A ring with the “Curse Enemies with Elemental Weakness on Hit” affix

Skill gems: Auras (Hatred, Precision)

If you are also playing Witch Summoners in POE, you can improve your gear and skills to make your minions more deadly, and you can also make the most of Rare monsters in the league.

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