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Path of Exile: Tips for the Black Star Bossfight

Jul 01, 2022

As one of the Eldritch Horrors, the Black Star is a bossfight that every Path of Exile player goes through, not only that, but it's also the 33rd challenge in Sentinel League.

In the base game, accessing the Black Star bossfight is not difficult. Players need to use Searing Exarch's influence to defeat a map boss of level 12 or above in The Searing Exarch quest to get a quest version Polaric Invitation, put it into the map device to enter the Black Star Arena Polaric Void and start the battle.

It should be noted that the Black Star has two very powerful attacks: Astral Avalanche and Solar Storm, and mastering strategies to deal with these two abilities will help you defeat it more efficiently

When the Black Star uses the Astral Avalanche to emit a deadly beam, players hiding behind the red area's pillars in the Polaric Void at the correct angle will effectively avoid its damage, while the blue area's pillars will break.

There are two strategies for dealing with Solar Storm. First, players need to get a stack of Annihilating Light debuff before the Black Star can launch this attack. The debuff it brings will reduce the damage of the opposite element. Or the opposite of Astral Avalanche's countermeasure, players can hide behind the pillars in the blue section to forbid the damage of Solar Storm.

In general, in the bossfight of the Black Star, players need to pay attention to the damage caused by the opposite fire and cold elements and find corresponding ways to reduce the damage.

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