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Path Of Exile: Ultimatum Is Bigger And Bolder Than We Thought

On April 8, GGG held a live stream, showing many contents of POE: Ultimatum and the new trailer for POE2. Ultimatum will be released on April 16, and it seems to be bigger and bolder than we thought.

Ultimatum is a Vaal-themed League in POE. You can interact with the Trial Master. The patch has many major improvements and quality of life adjustments to bring you a better gaming experience.

League Explained

Accepting the challenge of the Trial Master will activate the league-characteristic battle, and you need to defeat all your opponents in the battle around the Vaal statues. As you continue to refuse to accept the current items provided by the Trial Master, you will face more difficult challenges. This league is similar to the Last Epoch’s Arena. In the mode of endgame, the difficulty will continue to escalate until you die or decide to stop fighting with the enemies.


Loot can push you to participate in more dangerous encounters, and Ultimatum will allow you to make decisions that are best for you. Party play will not be hindered because other players die or want to stop, because everyone has the right to choose. As a team, the only decision is what modifier to apply to the monsters, which is refreshing for players.

New Stuff

In Ultimatum, new unique items will appear. Some of them are Vaal-themed and take advantage of the chaotic tendency of Vaal-related content, including strong connections with Vaal Orbs and randomness itself.

Also, Ultimatum will add 8 new gems: 4 Active Gems, 4 Support Gems. They all have a common theme - blood sacrifice. In most cases, these gems work better with a lower amount of life, or they need life to be used. This is only available in spell-based builds that revolve around Pain Attunement and preserve Life through Auras. Always use it at low life to dish out more damage. In Ultimatum, you will have more choices for builds, including literal blood magic.

Inscribed Ultimatums

Inscribed Ultimatums will be available. When used in a Map Device, they will open a portal to Trial Master’s domain. Here, Trial Master will let you use a specific item. Once the quest is completed, the number of adventures will double. This also means that you will be able to double stack Exalted orbs, or get more end-game items from the adventure.

These changes seem to be very attractive, so will continue to pay attention to the release of Ultimatum on April 16. Once we got the latest news, we will keep you informed.

And we are fully prepared for the arrival of Ultimatum, a large amount of POE Currency inventory is already ready to go, so if you encounter difficulties in Ultimatum and want to buy POE Currency, then come to to buy any Orbs you need is a wise decision.

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