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Path Of Exile Ultimatum League: Best Starter Builds

The Path Of Exile new league has begun, which also means that players have also begun to look for new builds. The mechanics of the new league is based on quickly clearing the packs of mobs in the medium area, and the main condition is not to die. Therefore, you need to choose a build with good AOE damage and strong survivability.

Cyclone Impale Champion

It is one of the most popular and balanced builds. In addition to clear speed, it also provides a very solid defense. Impale has Flat Physical Damage from Champion Ascendancy that can scale perfectly.


* Strong single target damage

* Decent damage mitigation

* Instant Life Leech

Flicker/Cyclone Gladiator

You can kill many mobs with Flicker Strike in one second. Its main advantage is that it can teleport characters to the nearby enemy, so it is the fastest build in the game. High damage and good survivability allow you to clear any map quickly and effectively.


* Fast clear speed

* High damage

* All content viable

Earthquake Juggernaut

For melee build, it has very good skills. If you add a lot of armor and regen from Juggernaut Ascendancy, you will get an excellent combination. High AOE damage and adequate protection allow you to quickly clear the maps. If you want, you can also upgrade with POE Currency to kill the endgame boss.


* High AoE damage

* Great overall damage reduction

* Good HP regeneration

Caustic Arrow Raider

It has a simple skill with good damage and range. High mobility and extensive defensive mechanics will allow you not only to quickly and safely clear any shooting range of the map. For the endgame content, you will have to improve the equipment, which requires you to spend POE Currency. The rework of the Ascendancy classes makes it possible to have permanent Phasing and Onslaught, as well as additional opportunities to avoid damage.


* Easy to play

* Very tanky

* Flexible build

Essence Drain Trickster

Chaos damage will vary with the level of the gem, and it is located in the passive skill tree. Damage nodes can be collected, and life and defense nodes located nearby can be obtained.


* Extremely fast leveling

* Great map clear speed

* Low budget start with possibilities to upgrade for end-game

Bladefall/Blade Blast Assassin

One of the builds can be clear about all the content in the game, while completely independent of unique or expensive equipment. Use Bladefall combo and Blade Blast to get one-shot packs and quickly kill the boss, which makes clearing the map fast and effective. But its only weakness is that the Phys reflect the map, they will need to be rerolled.


* SSF viable (uniques are optional)

* Excellent single target damage

* Very tanky

Lightning Trap Saboteur

Saboteur always has high traps and mines damage, allowing him to kill the boss in a few seconds. This build is very suitable for the initial stage of the league, there are enough rare items for farming maps, if you invest in Currency to upgrade it, it will also have huge potential.


* Easy to start

* Can clear all map mods

* HC viable

Ball Lightning Hierophant

High health regeneration will allow you to ignore most of the damage, considering that in addition to the average amount of life, this build has MoM and arcane cloak absorption. This will allow you to survive the burst damage. It has a very smooth gearing path and very little investment, and it will reach a strong level.


* Amazing clear speed

* High survivability

* Immune to elemental alignments

Vortex/Creeping Frost Occultist

This is the same as chaos builds, which is very suitable for quick upgrades and starting farming maps. On SSF or low-budget version of teh build, you can also easily farm maps.


* One Button build

* DoT Damage (and it’s cold, not chaos!)

* From starter build to end-game farming

Cremation Necromancer

It is not very difficult at the beginning. It has several survival skills (Bone Offering for blockbusting and Arcane Cloak for damage absorb). If you start with this build, then you will not encounter many difficulties, and you will get a lot of currencies in a short time.


* Easy League starter

* Great AoE and single target damage

* Good defenses

If you are also a POE player who is looking to start builds, you can refer to some of the options above. If you want to upgrade with POE Currency, this is undoubtedly better. As for some rare currencies in the game, such as Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs, you can immediately come to to buy them at a low price.

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