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Path Of Exile: Ultimatum Mechanics Guide

Path Of Exile finally ushered in a new league, which will rekindle the interest of players. If you like Ritual League, then you will not want to miss Ultimatum. In order to keep up with the trend, we will also provide a corresponding mechanics guide!

Ultimatum encounters

You will see Ultimatum encounters in each zone, and icons on the minimap will tell you when to approach them. Trialmaster will ask you to choose the first condition for your trial among the three options. Some of them will summon totems that cannot be targeted, causing some elemental damage. Others will strengthen the monster or change the failure conditions. Most importantly, some options may cause the trial to fail, and if you don’t die, so you have to read all the conditions carefully.

The Trials of Chaos

If you succeed in the first trial, you will see the first reward. But there is another main task under it. You need to defeat waves of enemies here. You need to kill a certain number of enemies to get success. Some experiments need to survive for a period of time, if you activate certain conditions, you need to complete other objectives.

After completing the first encounter, you will see the next reward. You can get both rewards at the same time at the risk of the first reward. But you need to activate another condition, some of them will upgrade the first one, others can put debuffs on you. Choose carefully.

Of course, for players who don't like adventures, you can leave with rewards. But at the beginning of the game, we still recommend that you take risks, because if you die, you will not lose XP. Once you succeed, you will get great rewards. The difficulty and rewards of the trial depend on the zone level.

You will fight in the bloody circle, it is not like Ritual League can be crossed. If you stay outside the blood circle for over 5 seconds, you will fail. You can also use Trial of Chaos on the map at the end of the game.

With the development of the new league, will update more relevant guides, so if you are a POE player, you can pay more attention to our site from now on.

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