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Path Of Exile Ultimatum League Map Tiers List

Each League of Path Of Exile will bring many changes, one of the most significant changes is the map tiers, so in order to give you a more detailed understanding of Ultimatum, this article will introduce those map changes.

In fact, they are not shuffled this time, and you will see them at the plays, just like in Ritual.

So the list of Path Of Exile Ultimatum League Map Tiers is as follows:

Tier 1

* Pen Map

* Arcade Map

* Jungle Valley Map

* Coves Map

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Tier 5

Tier 6

* Malformation Map

* Silo Map

Tier 7

* Waterways Map

* Dark Forest Map

Tier 8

* Alleyways Map

* Dry Sea Map

* Racecourse Map

Tier 9

* Dungeon Map

* Relic Chambers Map

* Spider Lair Map

* Mausoleum Map

* Mineral Pools Map

* Overgrown Shrine Map

* Stagnation Map

Tier 10

* Forbidden Woods Map

* Phantasmagoria Map

* Scriptorium Map

* Ghetto Map

* The Beachhead Map

Tier 11

* Flooded Mine Map

* Fungal Hollow Map

* Port Map

* Grave Trough Map

* Cold River Map

* Conservatory Map

* Ivory Temple Map

Tier 12

* Crimson Township Map

* Coral Ruins Map

* Siege Map

* Shipyard Map

* Dig Map

Tier 13

* Maze Map

* Plateau Map

* Cursed Crypt Map

* Park Map

Tier 14

Tier 15

Tier 16

The release of Path Of Exile Ultimatum is coming soon. At that time, will also provide the corresponding POE guide so that you can play a greater advantage in the new League.

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