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Path Of Exile Update 3.14.2b Patch Notes

Update 3.14.2b has arrived at Path Of Exile. Below are details of changes and fixes for this patch. GGG continues with another major update, this time providing a lot of fixes for all aspects of POE, especially for the consoles.

Console-Specific changes

* Fixed an issue that caused notable tooltips to be missing in some cases in the “Sent Offers” display.

* Fixed a visual bug where flask recovery time was not displaying an appropriately rounded number.

* Updated item filters.

General Fixes and Improvements

* Changed Hateforge unique gloves so that they can affect Vaal attacks used by traps and mines again. Although these mechanics bypass the intended restrictions of Vaal skills in a way similar to totems, these cases are now not so easy to abuse, so the interaction between Traps, Mines, and Hateforge is temporarily restored. This stat will return to the preventing uses with traps and mines in 3.15.

* Fixed some calculation and snapshot bugs. When two instances of the same Vaal skill have different soul requirements, this is currently possible when one is in the Triumvirate Authority unique ring. Souls are shared between skills, but each skill now correctly maintains its own soul requirement, and an appropriate amount of souls are consumed based on which skill is used. The modifier that allows storing enough souls for extra use still has some strange behavior, because the number of souls that can be stored has to be the same for both skills, and this modifier may be changed in the future.

* Map boss clones created by The Maven no longer persist after the map boss dies.

* Fixed a bug with life regeneration on the “Inspirational” Champion Ascendancy passive skill not working.

* Fixed a bug where the vendor recipe for three of the same maps could result in a legacy variant.

* Fixed a bug where foil maps retained their foil art in certain corruption outcomes.

* Fixed a bug where some skills would not move your character to be in the range of a target on certain angles resulting in your character not using the skill.

Path Of Exile will usher in 3.15, it will appear in July, and now everyone seems to be looking forward to it. But currently, players can only focus on 3.14 content. With the arrival of the patch, you can also experience some subtle changes. As for the POE Currency you need, you can buy them from provides everything you need in POE, from Exalted Orbs to Chaos Orbs. In addition, you will also find that the price of POE Currency on is very low, or even can be said lower than the market price, so considering the cheap POE Currency, you should give priority to

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