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Path Of Exile: What Can We Expect In 3.15 Expansion?

GGG Path Of Exile’s Ultimatum League is coming to an end, which means that a new expansion will soon be announced at a live streaming session. And the release date of 3.15 Expansion is July 23 on the PC and July 28 on the consoles.

As a league, Ultimatum League also has its moments, because of the great community engagement in the first few weeks. This is shown through the successful gambles with Trialmaster and the wrong ones. With the 3.15 expansion, the update may come in three weeks. Now that the 3.15 teaser has been released, although there is not much information about the next league, it is enough to arouse the curiosity of fans and fans focus more on new skills. found some new content from the teaser, so we plan to share the things.

A terrain patch

In the new teaser for the upcoming Path Of Exile league, a terrain patch appeared, which was filled with skulls with glowing symbols and mounted on spikes. Whether in terms of motif or color, these skulls are reminiscent of Fairgraves and various microtransactions related to this theme.

New NPCs

Then, at the end of the teaser, several new NPCs stand in the snowy terrain, looking like a mixture of pirates and Night Watch warriors in Game of Thrones. One of these NPCs seems to be a peg leg and is accompanied by an entire pirate-esque theme of the teaser, so when Heist was first released, many loyal fans became obsessed with the "boat League" meme.

Ships and sea action

The boat league meme is not the only community that still insists, with others including the toucan and fishing secrets, but with Heist, the possibility of ships and sea action seems feasible. For this reason, the pirate theme that appeared in the more detailed 3.15 is a big deal, although the official Twitter account of Path Of Exile stated that ships will not appear in the 3.15 expansion.

Four new active skills

As for the new elements, it seems that at least 4 new active skills will appear in the 3.15 expansion, one of which looks like the love child of popular skill gems, like Cyclone, Reap, and Bladestorm. The others seem to spell, two of them look like Chaos-based abilities because of their purple glows. The other proved to be a lightning skill similar to Doryani’s Touch, with a more squared pattern for its AOE.

In the coming days, will continue to track new info about the next league so that you can keep up to date with the latest developments.

And now has begun to prepare for the next league of POE, a large amount of POE Currency will be available because we all understand that sufficient POE Currency will play an important role in the early stage of the new league. So if you need to buy POE Currency, will be your first choice.

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