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Recent Changes To Anoint Quality Of Life And Seismic Nerf In Path Of Exile 3.21

Mar 30, 2023

Today is also an analysis of Path Of Exile 3.21 trailer. Today’s Crucible expansion was so quiet, I didn’t think there were any new hot spots at first. But I found another big news, I will introduce to the players about today’s expansion update shortly.

Since most of today’s initial release is actually related to Storm Secret and the unique Gauntlet gear, I’m not going to break down the general content specifically. However, I received another big news today about a change in the quality of life. In fact, players can easily find this change.

When you hover over Heartseeker on the passive skill tree, you get anointments that will work normally in Path Of Exile 3.20. It will show you a graphic description about Teal Oil and two Crimson Oils. However, for people who are colorblind, or pretty much anyone, if it’s Teal Oil and Virgin Olive Oil, or if its Opalescent Oil and Silver Oil, or if it’s Clear Oil and Black Oil, then this is another thing Very tricky business.

POE 3.21 Anoint Quality Of Life Free MTX Wings Seismic Nerf

What you need to do is actually they have written it clearly below. So in addition to having a graphical representation, you’ll also have a plain text representation, which will help avoid situations where people go and trade Black Oil.

And when they realize this later, they actually just need to go and use POE Currency to get a Clear Oil again. The quality of life improvement changes are minimal, but it would be a welcome improvement.

The unique item, Storm Secret, was reintroduced in this patch. It’s not one of those Chase unique items that have super eminent power, but I think there will be players with some financial strength who will be best suited to use it. And if you’re interested in some early initial brainstorming about what these might be. I will also elaborate on this later.

Finally, there are two other pieces of information that I haven’t covered here yet. These are looks that Seismic Trap might be Nerfing. This is a post from Path Of Exile’s official Twitter account. If you’re planning to watch Crucible expansion’s live announcement, you’ll be able to get the in-game Sphinx Wings for free.

How to get the new MTX Wings for free on POE

The exact time is notoriously inconsistent in every time zone. While the exact countdown timer is on the official Path Of Exile website, you will need to connect your Twitch account to your Path Of Exile account information to ensure it will remind you in time. If you haven’t done this, and if you did so more than a year ago, there’s a good chance it has been reset. So go ahead and check that your Path Of Exile and Twitch accounts are linked.

Of course, you can also confirm the time in other ways to make sure you set it up before going live. Please note that you don’t need to watch any other information before this, except Path Of Exile channel. Please wait patiently for the live broadcast of the new Crucible expansion. I believe this update will bring surprises to players.

Anyway, that’s all we have for today. It’s been a very quiet day, but from a news standpoint, the improvements to the quality of life for players have also been pleasantly surprised. If you have any ideas, welcome to the game community to discuss together. Wish you a happy life.


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