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Can Improvements Be Made To Spellcaster Endgame Weapon Prefix Options In Path Of Exile 3.21?

Mar 29, 2023

Now is the time to discuss Path of Exile. I want to talk about gear in Path of Exile today. And specifically for Spellcasters. Because Spellcasters have always been one of the most important forces in Path of Exile.

One of the complaints I’ve seen a lot of people make lately is that they don’t feel like build diversity is very high right now. At the same time, despite the excellent performance of Cultists, there is not much room for players to use it.

If we look at the earlier days of this league, it’s a similar story, with Cults not doing well again. But it’s not like we have 40 guys playing Slayers or something like that in patch 3.18, and there aren’t any skills going back to day 4 of the league. We can roleplay, but there’s still not much to play with.

You’ll find 10 people playing Seismic Trap and Elementalist Saboteur this time around, and they’re all doing great early on, but there’s really nothing really out of the ordinary except that the underlying mechanics have a few bugs.

Yet despite this, many people have been complaining that building diversity doesn’t feel good. I think this may be because someone equip similarly most caster builds. This makes players feel like they might still be playing Spark League.

Then there’s the Righteous Fire build, which players will feel is the same build they’ve played before because their upgrade paths are very similar. Let me explain, there are several mods in the Righteous Fire build that are better than any other prefix you get on Caster weapon. And they’re so much better that they completely outshine any gear you can get.

Such as Flame Shaper’s Mod plus a mod that reaches all fire spell skill gem levels. If you’re playing a skill like Spark, you’ll add a level to all lightning skill gems and all spell skill gems from universal version magisters.

These don’t actually remove flat damage during combat. In fact, the flat damage is usually more applicable to you, maybe even better, before you hit Eternal Labyrinth.

If you can get nearly perfect characters with POE Currency in a mod like Cremation, then Cremation will be the top flat fire damage you can apply to enemies. Once you start stacking all of these plus gem levels, you can get two gears on each weapon, one gear on each shield, and two gears on amulets.

There are also some other sources, such as Vile Corruption. Players can either use the gem itself or use Awakened Empower to power up a lord’s skin or a loyal skin.

POE 3.21 Wishlist Improve Spellcaster Endgame Weapon Prefix Options

Now I’ve crunched the numbers so you don’t have to use Cremation roll. If you have a level 26 gem, Rolling Magma will help you increase your damage by about 75, which is equivalent to using only Flame Shaper’s Mod plus all the fire spell skill gem levels. And the higher the gem level, the more damage it does.

In short, these mods and other prefixes on spellcaster weapons don’t keep up with spell gem levels. And they can’t even come close to it. I’d like to see an increase in the highest level mods like Cremation. So they can actually be competitive so you don’t see people using all the same gear now. If you’re playing a build that doesn’t hit, you might start wanting to increase the level of some fire skill gems.

But on the other hand, if you’re playing a hit build. Then, all of a sudden, you might be interested in mods that you don’t really need, like Flat damage to spells. This will make the builds feel even more different. I think this increases the perception of build variety, even if it doesn’t change the actual level of build variety in the game.

I’d also like to see fixed damage mods to spells available for physics and chaos earlier than they do now. But they are in an Elder-influenced mod pool with lower values than elemental damage.

So that’s also something I’d like to see changed again, which might add more variability in how spellcasters equip without necessarily adding any high-end powers. I don’t think that would be a good thing, but there might be an interesting result. If you have different ideas, welcome to discuss them in the community. Hope you enjoy the game.


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