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POE 3.21: Complete Guide On CWDT Forbidden Rite Soulrend Occultist Build

May 16, 2023

This is my CWDT Forbidden Rite Soulrend Occultist build. This build costs a minimum 100 Divine Orbs and in my version is around 150 Divine Orbs. 

POE 3.21 Complete Guide On CWDT Forbidden Rite Soulrend Occultist Build


First, let’s talk about items. We use the unique item Cane of Kulemak and you should only purchase or unveiled this stuff with these three modifiers: level and quantity of socketed support gems, increased spell damage, and crit multi. 

So, don’t purchase another Cane of Kulemak without these modifiers. If it’s too expensive for you now, you can purchase another rare stuff (Rapture Cry Imperial Staff) with few damage, crit multi, and level 2 chaos gems. 

Next is the helmet. I recommend grabbing the helmet by yourself just spamming Reforged defense in Harvest. So, purchase a Cataclysm Ward Runic Crown with Forbidden Rite lab enchantment and look for 500 plus Ward and resistances.

POE Cane of Kulemak

Next item is the amulet. We need plus two chaos gems with crit multi. So, what you should do? Just purchase an amulet with fractured crit multi and learn how to craft a +2 amulet.

As a body armor, we use Skin of the Lords with Glancing Blows for maximum block or other passive that doesn’t destroy your build. So, check what passive does before purchasing. Also, be careful because on these body armor, sockets cannot be modified. So, purchase with right colors. It can be 3 blue, 1 green, 1 red as I use or it can be 2 blue, 1 green, 2 red. 

Next is two rings. We use Hardbound Loop and you should have only 420 physical damage taken on Minion Deaths. Without that, your build will not work right. If you have enough POE Currency, you can purchase rings with Zealotry increased effect implicit. If you don’t, it’s okay.

Next, is gloves. I recommend crafting gloves like a helmet, so we need only resistances in words. You should purchase Bramble Mitts Runic Gauntlets with fractured T1 elemental resistance. And just go reforge defense in Harvest until you get good resistances and 400+ Ward

Next is the belt. On the belt, we look for strength, increased flask effect duration, reduced flask charges it uses and increase cooldown recovery rate. You can purchase this belt for around 70 Divine Orbs or just craft it with Harvest Reforged Life and have increased flask effect duration fractured.

POE Dying Sun

Next is boots. On the boots, we need Ward resistances and movement speed. Also, we should have increased cooldown recovery rate in implicit and I craft in the same way as gloves and helmet. About all Eldridge Implicits in these builds, just do the same as I have.

Now is about flasks. We have only three flasks and first is Olroth’s Resolve. This is our main flasks and this flask should be always active when we fire our skills because when the charges run out we die. So, craft Reused At The End Of This Flask’s Effect or just purchase with this enchantment.

Next flask is Dying Sun. We use it because of two additional projectiles, increased area, and Fire Resistance. Because in this build it’s hard to get some elemental resistances on items. Also, we need the same enchantment here and the last one is Quicksilver. Craft additional elemental resistances on these flasks. Also, you need to craft user and charges reach full. The last important item in this build is weapon swap. You should always have two Wands with trigger Spectral Spirits on the swap. Because without it, this build doesn’t work. Just purchase two Wands and use Essence of Insanity for this modifier.

Skill Gems

Now about skill gems and after gems, I will tell you how actually we start our Forbidden Rites and Soulrend. So, now, let’s talk about all the gems in this build and awakened versions you can replace with regular ones if you don’t have enough currency. But about alternative quality of gems, you should purchase exactly the same.

It is very important that your three Divergent CWDT gems should be at level 20 and have 20 quality. In these builds, we have two 6-Link skill gems that deal damage. The first is Forbidden Rite. And we use it in our stuff with Increased Critical Damage for crit multi, Awakened Void Manipulation for more chaos damage, level 4 Empower for level of gems, Greater Multiple Projectiles for 4 additional shots, and Divergent Cast When Damage Taken.

Next sixth link is Soulrend in Hexblast. We use it with Greater Volley for additional projectiles, Divergent Cast When Damage Taken to trigger these skills, Awakened Void Manipulation and Arcane Surge. 

Next one is mark and minions. It should be Divergent Assassin’s Mark, Divergent Cast When Damage Taken, Anomalous Summon Skeletons and Anomalous Minion Speed with level 20 and 20 quality.

About minion speed, it’s so important to have an exactly anomalous version and have 20% quality. Because it reduces 40% minions duration and in this build, we should have a total 99% reduced minion duration, so 40% from this gem and 59% from unique jewels. Next one is our Despair curse and Phase Run. We use it with regular Cast When Damage Taken level 20 and Enhance level 3. 

And the last gem set is the Zealotry aura, Frostblink or Flame Dash for movement, Divergent Eternal Blessing and Righteous Fire. That’s all about skill gems.

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Passive Tree

Now, let’s talk about passive tree and finally how we should activate this build. Here is my passive tree for maximum passive tree level and there are a few important things that you should know about this build.

First is To Dust unique jewels. As I said before, you should have 99% reduced minion duration total to trigger our main skills. So, we have 40% reduced duration from Anomalous Minion Speed and you need to purchase 3 To Dust jewels with a total 59% reduced skeleton duration. And it’s two levels with 20% and one with 19%. They are not too expensive, so it’s easy to buy exactly with this amount.

Next one is Timeless Jewel. We purchase something with increased critical strike chance and look at the Conqueror. So, before purchasing Timeless Jewels, you should import it to your password building or you can use the website for Timeless Jewel

Also in this build, we have two large cluster jewels and four medium jewels. One large cluster jewel gives us Conjured Wall for spell damage and block spell damage, an Essence Rush for damage and leech. Also, we have two identical medium clusters. They should be with 6 passive skills, adding small passive skills. They also grant increased flask charges gains because our flasks equal our damage and survivability.

POE Impossible Escape

Next is the large cluster jewel. You can purchase or craft with any passive skills that give you chaos damage. You should have two medium clusters: one is Fasting and Brewed for Potency, and another one with Circling Oblivion and Dark Ideation. Also, in this build, we have Impossible Escape jewel with Iron Grip. So, we can take these two passives for life and mana without being connected to our tree.

The last important thing on this passive tree is Watcher’s Eye unique jewel that gives us increased critical strike chance against enemies on consecrated grounds. Another will show you how to actually activate our skills.

How To CWDT?

Finally, when you have 99% reduced skeleton duration, two Wands with Spectrals Spirits and increased cooldown recovery rates, you’re ready to play this build at full power. 

When you enter the map, you should activate your flasks, then do weapon swap, two times activate your Righteous Fire, and go kill monsters. Your skills will be shooting and you will not die as long as the Ward flask is active. 

If your skills stopped, just reactivate your flasks and do swap your weapon two times or you will die. If you killed all the monsters on the map and want to take the loot, you should take off and put on your helmet and you will not die. 


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