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Righteous Fire Inquisitor Build Guide - POE 3.21 League Starter

Apr 12, 2023

Recently, we learned that Righteous Fire Inquisitor in Path of Exile is a very strong endgame build. Especially the huge attack range of Righteous Fire, which can cause a lot of area damage to the enemy.

Pros And Cons Of Righteous Fire Inquisitor

The build is also highly resistant to overall damage. These distinct strengths create great synergy in Righteous Fire Inquisitor build. There’s even an extra Elemental damage output for the player, and a buff for a powerful build to Life and Energy Shield as well. Also, because of its chief defense, it is very popular among players both in Softcore and Hardcore.

But the build’s skill usage still has some flaws. When the player uses Righteous Fire skill, it will cause a lot of damage to the player’s surroundings. This is also determined by their high survivability and tankiness.

This build also clears everything from the game using AES. It has a very flexible play style. It can play the part of a tanker or a more hurt dealer role.

There are also some disadvantages that full optimization of the final content of the game may require players to use a large amount of POE Currency. It requires the player to manage Life and Mana pools, and the player may need to kill a special boss to complete a single objective. And this build of a unique Mentor can be very expensive for you, possibly weighing you down quite a bit.

Righteous Fire Inquisitor PoE Builds


We’ll also get Legacy of Fury next. This causes nearby enemies to be quickly squashed. When we kill a Scorch enemy, there is a chance for a 4 second fire attack on each running enemy. This helped a lot with our clearing speed in Melding of the Flesh. More importantly, this allows us to maintain the highest maximum elemental resistance we have throughout all junior seasons.

For example, in this build we focused on getting as much cold resistance as possible. We also used Aegis Aurora, a shield that gave us a lot of armor and energy shield.

We also get a maximum cold resistance of 5, which shows that Melding of the Flesh I just mentioned is good. We also get 2% armor regeneration and two energy shields, while we also block enemy immunity to my damage. But there is a lot of variability in this situation and requires us to have some useful statistics for this build.

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Usefull Stats

Here we’ll want to get the special Life, since we also want to get some energy shield for this build, aiming for at least 1K. And we also hope to get the maximum cold defense, the highest line is 90%.

We also stack as much as possible and look for some other stats. Including Burning Damage, Area of Effect Damage, Fire Damage, Elemental Damage. These are the styles that are available on our main linked gear.

Righteous Fire Inquisitor Build Guide


We are using Elemental Focus Support with Fire Damage, which increases Area of Effect as well as the damage range. We also use Fire Trap linked to Trap and Mine Damage, which will give us plenty of damage output and Swift Affliction Support.

Passive Skill Tree

You can also get more information about the build by previewing that Passive skill tree. Of course, I recommend players check out what Path of Building description says about Righteous Fire Inquisitor build, and whether you’ve tried it, or even tried another patch of it.

If you have other opinions, welcome to discuss them in the community. Hope this guide will help you. Hope you have a great day.


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