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How To Build A Melee Tank Wild Strike Raider Build On A Low Budget In Path Of Exile 3.22?

Sep 16, 2023

Hello everyone, welcome back! The super-fast Wild Strike Raider build has returned to Path of Exile 3.22, thanks to the new items we received in Trial of the Ancestors Expansion.

This is a strong build, and we’ve invested more POE Currency in multiple defenses. This build is ideal for running T16 maps on a budget to farm content such as Bosses, Harvest, Expedition, Ritual, Delirium, Breach and Legion.

It’s a cheap build that only requires the use of a few league-specific POE items like Rakiata’s Dance, Utula’s Hunger, and Honored Tattoo of the Barbarian. All items are cheap and easily available in trade. It guarantees you a smooth mid-tier league experience.

But because it lacks high physical damage reduction and damage reduction over time, we do not recommend this build for hardcore players. And because we rely heavily on certain league-specific Uniques, this build is not feasible for either SSF or Ruthless mode. Here are some of the most important things to know before starting this build.

Path Of Exile 3.22: How To Build A Melee Tank Wild Strike Raider Build On A Low Budget?

Important Information

It has a very different play style than most builds, and there are a few modifiers to be aware of before rolling the map or heading out on an adventure.

First, if you use Utula’s Hunger, you need to avoid any health modifiers. Including life leech and life regeneration in any of your equipment slots or even jewelry.

Next, any build using Rakiata’s Dance should avoid all forms of modifiers that reduce enemy monsters’ elemental resistances. This includes curses, elemental exposure and other similar debuffs.

However, the map modifier that increases monster resistance is a bonus to this build. Elemental Penetration Support now acts as a buff to this build, since we calculated its value at the end. This allows you to use support gems such as Trinity Support.

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This build requires a few clicks to reach its full potential. This is because this build relies heavily on Frenzy Charge. Without this, your build will feel extremely weak and slow.

So, to bypass the initial attack, we can switch the boot slot with Ralakesh’s Impatience, making it instantly fully charged. To maintain these Frenzy Charges during single boss fights and our map runs. We need to focus on duration rather than damage in Charge Mastery. This is why we must avoid map modifiers altogether.

Path of Exile: Utula's Hunger brings life to old unique items

Modifiers To Avoid

Meanwhile, this build relies heavily on Life Leech Support since we’re running Blood Rage most of the time. Therefore, while map mods such as Unable to Regenerate are viable, modifiers that cannot leech should be avoided entirely.

Since we’re running Trinity and Heatshiver in our build settings, our build relies more on cold damage than fire and lightning. Therefore, modifiers that avoid freeze and chill can actually disable this support gem, resulting in a massive loss of damage.

POE: Life Leech Support Suggestion


The biggest weakness of this build is the damage caused over time, especially to the ground degens. Another important factor to note is this build’s lack of melee attack range.

But this build has multiple layers of defense and can look very tanky if played in the right way. At full Frenzy Charge, we have very good dodge levels. And because we are Raiders, spell suppression easily limited us. And with the new Utula’s Hunger body armor, the build will have at least a 4k health pool. As long as we can hit, we have enough defense and health.

The unique defense layer in this build is an Elemental Ailment called Sap. This applies a debuff that reduces enemy damage by 1% per Sap effect, for a total reduction of 20%. Even against Pinnacle bosses like Sirus, we can achieve a 20% Sap effect.

In addition, Arctic Armor’s Chilled Ground can also help us reduce the physical damage we receive by 20%. Therefore, the build’s total defensive damage is 20%, Arctic Armor is 20%, and Sap damage is 20%, resulting in 60% less damage from hits while stationary. We designed this for the perfect melee play style.

POE: Arctic Armour

How To Play The build?

When you enter an area, make sure to switch your boots to fully charged. While moving, jump slam twice, then Frostblink. Then keep hitting something for 18 seconds to refresh energy and maintain speed and momentum.

If you’re facing a powerful monster or boss, drop your Ancestor Totem and engage. If you’re taking too much damage, turn on Vaal Grace, as this will make you more resilient against spell hits.

In order to restore health and generate this Endurance Charge, I recommend using Enduring Cry on the left button as long as you have Call to Arms. Follow this command and gain your full power by choosing Raider Ascendancy. But don’t spend time looking for Avatar of the Veil, as that doesn’t quite match up with Rakiata’s Dance.

POE 3.22: How To Play The Wild Strike Raider?


Finally, it’s time to cover the gear settings. These items are essential to the build, except for rare items in rings and equipment slots. Lab Enchants for our boots and helmets are attack speed modifiers. Algor Mortis with +1 max Frenzy Charge should be available cheaply in trade.

Also, you’ll need a Life Flask that’s immune to bleeding or poison, as both can cause serious damage.

This concludes this Wild Strike Raider build guide. As long as you follow this guide, this powerful melee tank build can help you clear everything on a tiny budget.


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