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How To Create Insane Voidforge Flicker Strike Slayer In POE 3.22?

Oct 06, 2023

Exiles, welcome back! Here I present to you my unique Voidforge Flicker Strike Slayer. It’s perfect for league experiencers on a mid-range budget.

This build can tear through most of the game without dying to random hits and off-screen death effects. We achieve this through high Evasion and Spell Suppression, permanent Life Leech, combined with Fortify and Berserk. You can also use Atlas passive nodes to further reduce incoming damage, such as Wellspring of Creation.

We made it on a budget of less than 40 Divine Orbs by utilizing a powerful combination of some unique items. These items combine perfectly with Slayer Ascendancy. The perfect budget build can kill most Pinnacle bosses in seconds.

While this build can handle most content and run T16 maps without dying, I would not recommend this build for hardcore players. Because he lacks higher physical damage reduction and flat health.

POE 3.22: Voidforge Flicker Strike Slayer Full Build Guide

How Flicker Strike Works?

How Flicker Strike works is that when you attack with this skill, it consumes Frenzy Charge to bypass the cooldown on each attack cycle.

There are several ways to restore all of Frenzy Charge we have in this build without relying on Aspect of the Cat.

  • One of them comes from Blood Rage, which gives us a 25% chance of getting every Frenzy Charge on a kill as long as it’s active.
  • In boss battles, Sword Mastery gives us an 8% chance of getting a Frenzy Charge with each hit.
  • In addition, the advanced version of the skill gem gives us a 20% chance of getting a Frenzy Charge with every hit.

By default, Flicker Strike will teleport you to the enemy and strike once. With the help of multi-hit, this process is repeated twice, and faster. You can set the skill to always attack without moving for a better gaming experience.

POE: How Flicker Strike Works?


Our first choice for Ascendancy is Brutal Fervour. Because this enables Slayer to have permanent Life Leech, which helps us survive easily in all 10 Acts.

Our second Ascendancy, Impact, increases our damage and clear speed to significant levels.

Next up is our third one, and that’s Overwhelm. You should start investing more Chaos Orbs in improving your chances of a critical strike. When you reach level 90, you should be able to get Bane of Legends, which are huge damage boosts to all bosses.

POE: Brutal Fervour


For our choice of Pantheon, I highly recommend Soul of the Brine King, mainly because it provides us with immunity to freezes. It also prevents our builds from getting permanently stunned when mapping.

For our Minor God, Soul of Abberath is the best. Because this makes us immune to Burning Ground and makes ignites less effective against us.

POE: Pantheon - Soul of the Brine King, Soul of Abberath And More

Skill Gems

We support our main skill gems with Melee Physical Damage Support, Trinity Support, Multistrike Support, Close Combat Support, and Rage Support.

The way Trinity Support works is that every time you attack with Voidforge, 700% of your physical damage is gained as a random element. So with just 3-5 clicks, we can easily activate this support gem. If used correctly in a building, this is one of the most powerful support gems in the game right now.

Close Combat Support is another powerful support gem, perfect for skills like Flicker Strike and Ambush.

Because our melee attack range is so short, it increased our damage by 39%. When you attack an enemy with a sword or ax, you’ll notice a buff at the top. This is called Combat Rush. When activated, it increased your attack speed by 20% until your next Leap Slam.

Voidforge benefits from fixed physical damage. And with the help of Kaom’s Spirit and Vitality, we could maintain 50 stacks of rage until we applied Berserk. This means our Rage Support gives us 79-142 physical damage at maximum rage.

With its fast Rage recovery speed, we can use Berserk in boss fights and league mechanics. It provides 20% bonus damage and attack speed and 30% movement speed, and deals 19% less damage from all sources.

POE 3.22: Voidforge Flicker Strike Slayer Skill Gems

Gear Choices

To set up our equipment slot, our main hand weapon is a Voidforge Infernal Sword dropped from an Uber Elder battle. Every physical damage count counts with this weapon.

So if you were to upgrade this weapon with 30% quality in Betrayal using Hillock or Tainted Currency, this would add millions of DPS. If you have extra POE Currency, you can try to get Double Corruption with attack speed and level 10 Fortify implicit. Because this will be the best upgrade for the build.

If you gain Fortify Support, you can remove Fortify Mastery and replace these nodes with longer durations to maintain a full Fortify stack. Because each stack reduces the damage you take from hits by 20%.

POE: Voidforge Infernal Sword

The second important part of the build is Farrul’s Fur. It provides a lot of flat life and evasion. When you get Cat’s Stealth, you get a full stack of Frenzy Charge.

The third important part of the equipment is Kaom’s Spirit. This is the item that allows us to have permanent Rage and Berserk. It has a slight drawback, which is converting Life Regeneration into Rage Regeneration. But this isn’t a big problem since we focus our build on Life Leech rather than Life Regeneration.

Our next important section is Hyrri’s Truth. Since it has 30 levels of accuracy, it can solve all the problems caused by insufficient accuracy in gear settings.

Darkray Vectors are the best choice for the boots section as it provides another Frenzy Charge at the cost of shorter duration. If you lose all Frenzy Charge while stationary, you can grab Charge Mastery to increase the duration instead of the damage.

Finally, for our belt slot, Stygian Vise should work well within the budget.

Overall, Voidforge Flicker Strike Slayer build offers a unique and satisfying play style that can handle boss fights effectively. While it may not be the fastest mapper out there, it has the potential to perform well on Path of Exile 3.22’s variety of content!


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