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How To Drastically Increase Damage Output By Using Eye Of Malice In POE 3.22? - Uniques Mechanics Explained

Sep 21, 2023

Welcome to my guide to unique mechanics. We’ll discuss the interesting and often misunderstood properties of some of the most iconic unique items in POE 3.22.

Today, we will reveal Eye of Malice, a item that has extraordinary power but is often misunderstood. It’s a popular choice in a variety of builds, so it’s time we uncover its secrets and learn how to harness its potential.

Path of Exile: Uniques Eye of Malice Mechanics Explained

Eye Of Malice Modifier

First, let’s review Eye of Malice’s modifiers. Among them, Evasion as Energy Shield, Fire Resistance and Cold Resistance are pretty standard and basic for POE items.

Also, this Eye of Malice gives you a 25% chance of inflicting Cold or Fire Exposure when hitting an enemy. This modifier, while fun, is not the main reason to use this item. It’s useful if you attack quickly. But getting Exposure via Eldritch Gloves Implicit is usually easier than sacrificing your helmet slot.

Now, let’s focus on the modifiers that really stand out from Eye of Malice.

It increases the fire and cold resistance of nearby enemies by 50%. At first glance, this may seem harmful, as it appears to make nearby enemies stronger. At this point, it’s crucial to understand how the resistance mechanism in Path Of Exile works.

In Path Of Exile, additions and subtractions act as multipliers to existing numbers, rather than directly adding or subtracting values. This distinction is crucial to understanding the power of Eye of Malice.

POE: Eye of Malice

Negative Resistance Scaling

To illustrate this concept, let’s consider some theoretical scenarios using my current Cold Elementalist builds.

When we are fighting an enemy with a base resistance of 0%, Eye of Malice will increase Cold Exposure you apply to the enemy by -25% from the original default of -11%. Meanwhile, the effects of Elemental Weakness, Frostbite, Void Beacon and Chilling change the enemy’s resistance to -108% cold resistance. This effectively doubles the damage they take.

If you are fighting an enemy with a base hardiness of 75%. Eye of Malice also reduces Cold Exposure you apply to -36%.

Here, you can no longer use Eye of Malice to push the enemy’s resistance to negative. But it still reduces cold resistance to -49%.

As you can see, the effectiveness of Eye of Malice depends on the enemy’s baseline resistance. It’s very useful when you can significantly reduce an enemy’s resistance. Therefore, it is more valuable against builds like Elementalist. However, it may not be as effective against a very resistant enemy. So you can use it in a targeted manner to save POE Currency.

Ideal Build For Eye Of Malice

Here I would like to recommend some builds that are extremely effective with Eye of Malice.

Cold DoT Elementalist: Built-in resistance reduction and double curse, which can push the enemy’s resistance to negative values.

POE 3.22: Cold DoT Elementalist Build

Righteous Fire or Firetrap Elementalist: Similar to Cold Elementalist, but focused on fire damage and resistance reduction.

Hexblast with Eye of Malice: Hexblast deals with chaos damage. But because of its unique interactions, it will benefit from lowering enemy resistances, especially cold resistance. This combination can produce significant damage output.

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When Not To Use Eye Of Malice?

We should note that Eye of Malice is not available at all times.

Like Inquisitor of Inevitable Judgment or Chieftain with Ramako Sun’s Light. These builds will treat enemy resistance as zero, rendering Eye of Malice ineffective.

In addition, if you lack a way to reduce the enemy’s resistance significantly, Eye of Malice may not provide you with substantial benefits.

Overall, Eye of Malice is a unique item with unique mechanics. It can amplify your damage output, but its effectiveness depends on your ability to reduce your enemy’s resistance. Use it wisely in the right build, and you’ll be able to unleash its true potential in the world of Path of Exile.


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