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A Full Guide To Vengeance Cold Conversion Build In POE 3.22 League

Sep 20, 2023

Hello, Exile. Today I’m going to cover my favorite build in POE 3.22 league. This is Vengeance Cold Conversion. Let’s start.

The first thing I want to introduce is Vengeance skill. Vengeance is the melee skill with the highest base damage per hit in the game. Its basic function is that Vengeance has a 30% chance of triggering when hit by something, and cannot be used directly.

But its major drawback is that we can only wait for monsters to attack us. And because our damage won’t last, we may die quickly. Therefore, we also need two unique POE items to make our Vengeance work consistently. That is a Storm Secret ring and Yoke of Suffering amulet.

POE 3.22: A Full Guide To Vengeance Cold Conversion Build

Storm Secret & Yoke Of Suffering

The way it works is simple. Storm Secret ring makes it so that when Herald of Thunder hits a monster, it will also cause damage to you. This process counts as you being hit, which can trigger Vengeance skill.

Moreover, Herald of Thunder’s hits can be used in conjunction with the passive skill Inexorable, which has a 25% chance of receiving an Endurance Charge when hit. This will ensure we always have a continuous supply of this Endurance Charge.

POE: Vengeance


After understanding how our major skills work. There is a third unique item in the build that you need to know about, Heatshiver. Especially when playing Ice builds, this helmet is a huge game changer.

When you hit a monster, it is immediately chilled and frozen. You gain an additional 130% fire damage from cold damage. It will more than double your damage for a short period. This helps you kill all monsters quickly and farm massive amounts of POE Currency. Of course, we can also use our builds to cool and freeze monsters.

Path of Exile: Heatshiver Pros & Cons

Marohi Erqi

Now, let’s talk about the best weapon in our build, which is also the fourth unique item. That’s Marohi Erqi, a mace. As I mentioned, Vengeance is triggered when you are hit. This means that this skill doesn’t care about your attack speed. So all you need is something with very high damage per hit. Attack speed doesn’t matter. And this mace is one of the most powerful weapons in POE.

By the way, we haven’t converted Vengeance to cold damage yet. I recommend two conversion methods:

First, we can use the passive Cold Mastery to convert 40% into cold damage. Second, the unique jewel Militant Faith has 4 nodes and can convert 15% into cold.

POE: Marohi Erqi


Now you might be wondering why we don’t use gloves to reduce injuries. The reason is that I want to introduce you to the fifth unique item we have built, Painseeker. These gloves can cause non-damaging ailments on enemies, causing them to deal 200% more indirect damage.

This means it won’t increase damage, but it will allow you to inflict non-damaging ailments more easily. When calculating ailments like Freeze, it counts as three times your damage.

Path of Exile: Utula's Hunger brings life to old unique items

Utula’s Hunger

Finally, you’ll notice that our building uses five unique items, but none of them have life. This means your life pool is small in our build. But, don’t worry. In POE 3.22 league, we have a new unique, and that is Utula’s Hunger.

We can use this body armor when none of your items have health mods. This body armor can provide you with nearly 1,000 health points.

Vengeance Cold Conversion is an exciting and powerful building that excels in map scenarios. Although it may not be suitable for facing bosses with high health points, it is definitely an excellent choice for you to clear the map efficiently and enjoy a unique gaming experience.


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