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Why Has Chieftain Ascendancy Been Unpopular In Path Of Exile 3.22?

Nov 24, 2023

Chieftain currently has 90% resistance easily and has Explode effects, two really powerful mechanics in POE 3.22. So why isn’t this class more popular? This is an interesting article I saw on Reddit. Here I want to briefly answer this question.

Why Chieftain Deals No Damage?

Because Chieftain doesn’t deal with any damage, it lacks a general damage increase, at least relative to other Ascendancy Classes. Although its Explode effects are good, it is not the best to use in simulacrum farming.

Why Has Chieftain Ascendancy Been Unpopular In Path Of Exile 3.22?

I’m assuming some people will choose other Ascendancy, and they usually steal resistance via Jewels. For those who don’t know what this means, players usually choose either Berserker or Juggernaut. Both can scale damage better than Chieftain, and have the option to steal Chieftain’s defensive abilities by using Forbidden Jewel to better balance the damage that Valako, Storm’s Embrace, lacks.

In addition, Chieftain Ascendancy is not flexible enough. The other classes are defensive enough to complete everything in Hardcore Solo Self Found. Because other classes deal much more damage, they require much less defense in Softcore Trade League.

Path of Exile: Quick Chieftain Ascendancy Analysis

What Players Look For In The Build?

I think Chieftain is a good choice as a starter in Hardcore League. But a question remains: why not just create a Champion or Pathfinder? This is one of the current dilemmas players face when considering League Ascendancy in their starting lineup.

Players will often want a build that can both scale damage and survive endgame boss mechanics, with damage scaling taking higher priority. It doesn’t matter if your build doesn’t take a single hit if it can’t end a boss fight in a few minutes.

Regardless, one of the main reasons for its lack of damage can be attributed to Marauder starting position. On the passive tree, there is no good damage node. Even though Explode does a lot of damage on average, you’ll get stuck once or twice per map on a zero-damage ascent.

So, as you can see, there’s a consensus that Chieftain will never be as popular as other Ascendancy. Because it can’t throw in POE Currency to roll damage scaling like Pathfinder. However, that doesn’t mean players no longer choose to play this Ascendancy and have fun with it. Because it opens up more possibilities for dealing with negative resistance.

Plus, it’s a Marauder with spells. By running Chieftain Ascendancy, players can easily circumvent these Penalties caused by Melding of the Flesh and gain maximum resistance. Don’t forget about Tasalio, Cleansing Water, which makes it easier for players to reach the resistance cap.

Path of Exile: Tasalio, Cleansing Water

A Reasonable Answer To The Question

As good as Chieftain Ascendancy is, there are almost always better options for accomplishing what you want to do. Players will always enjoy things to the fullest, and that’s understandable. Even considering that it doesn’t have the best damage scaling, that doesn’t mean Chieftain is a completely useless Ascendancy. You can always use Chieftain to accomplish anything you want!

How To Make A Chieftain Build?

I don’t think those who blindly disparage Chieftain have tried to properly build Chieftain around Explode node.

Chieftain’s Explode is powerful when Ignite Proliferation has a 100% chance for Ignite. When built around it, it’s much stronger than Profane Bloom. While not the best, no other Ascendancy can give you such high baseline defense, allowing you to cast magic on all gear slots.

POE 3.22: Magic Find RF Chieftain Build Update and Final Thoughts

This build is ridiculously tanky for a Magic Find Build and has incredible clearing speed. Chieftain will never be that popular though due to its distinct lack of damage scaling when built around specialized archetypes. But it definitely has its place in Path of Exile community.

So overall, I think the reason it’s not popular is that Chieftain Ascendancy doesn’t provide a well-rounded building experience like other classes. That’s all for this guide. See you next time!


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