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How To Craft This Unique Popcorn Specters Build In POE 3.23 With Dark Marionette?

Feb 07, 2024

In this guide, we’ll focus on BalorMage’s Popcorn Specters build. This build also showcases his clever use of the newly introduced Dark Marionette Specters in Affliction League. His entire purpose is to burn, explode, reform, and repeat.

If you’re interested in this Popcorn Specters build, don’t miss this guide. Without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Craft This Unique Popcorn Specters Build In POE 3.23 With Dark Marionette?

How Does It Work?

Affliction League introduces Breaker of Oaths, a strange corpse-selling NPC. These corpses can be animated using Raise Specter.

Many of the people here have unique abilities not found elsewhere, and one in particular caught BalorMage’s attention, and that’s Dark Marionette. It can reorganize after death - unlike normal spectres who must be resurrected from a new body.

At higher corpse levels, the monster also gains the ability to explode on death. This is because BalorMage is using Minion Instability Keystone, which will detonate the minions when they are low on health.

Also, he supports these spectres by using Infernal Legion, which burns them to death and causes explosions. After a few moments, each minion will regroup and unleash a never-ending cycle of pain on the enemy!

POE 3.23: Minion Instability Keystone

How To Use Dark Marionettes?

All of our damage comes from these Exploding Dark Marionettes, so how do we make the most of them?

Obviously, the more we have, the better. We need more spectra from different sources. To reach seven, we must also spend Divine Orbs to roll Raise Specter gem to level 25.

Dark Marionettes itself are divided into three tiers. The top tiers are ideal because they apply Scorch, a handy debuff that reduces an enemy’s elemental resistances. Having said that, this grade is the rarest and most expensive. So BalorMage explains that you can get away with just having a few Perfect Dark Marionettes in your retinue.

Besides, we can direct spectres by casting spells in the direction we want them to move. Here, we can use Arcanist Brand. This skill is convenient because it allows us to automatically trigger more debuffs: Flammability and Wave of Conviction.

POE 3.23: Dark Marionettes

How To Balance Minion Speed?

The fluidity of the game is at the core of the build design. So the one problem with this setup is that we have to balance the speed of our minions with the speed at which our minions die so that they get to their destination before exploding.

Here, one technique Balor uses is Maligaro’s Lens. This shield reduces your elemental resistance. However, when combined with Necromantic Aegis Keystone, the shield’s effect is applied to our minions instead. Our minions explode faster because of lower resistance.

POE: Maligaro’s Lens

In this regard, it is important to note that Minion Elemental Resistance blocks the build. It is important that our Raise Specter gems are of 0% quality, otherwise they will be more resistant than needed.

Overall, our damage output is impeccable and the build’s biggest strengths are its consistency and automation. No matter how we move, dodge, lag or whatever, spectres continue to spawn and explode.

How To Get More Block Chance?

Since we can duck as much as we want, this is a defensive aid in itself. But we’re also squeezing in as many other layers of defense as our POE currency budget allows.

It is worth noting our significant block chance. How do we achieve these numbers without statistics for shields? The answer is Bone Offering.

POE: Bone Offering

This skill consumes corpses to gain a block chance, usually for our minions. But since we are Necromancers, we can use this Ascendancy node to direct some of these rewards to ourselves.

By using Wildwood Primalist Ascendancy available in Affliction League, we can further increase the effectiveness of Bone Offering. In the meantime, the skill tree allows us to stack charms, thereby increasing the effectiveness of Bone Offering and gaining more block chances.

We can also automate it by putting Bone Offering into the wand and the mod will automatically trigger the skill.

The version we are showing today is actually a budget version developed by BalorMage in the private league. The build is smooth, easy to follow, and the theme is scary, which we loved.


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