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This POE 3.24 League Starter Build Will Destroy Pinnacle Bosses With Ease! - Fire Trap Ignite Elementalist

Mar 26, 2024

Greetings Exiles! Welcome to my Path of Exile 3.24 league starter build guide, where I’m bringing my Fire Trap Ignite Elementalist.

This build features multiple layers of defense and damage scaling to help you level up and farm Essences with ease, or even challenge difficult content like Pinnacle Bosses. You can cruise around the map with Shield Charge while throwing traps. If you’re looking for a powerful starter build, don’t miss this guide.

This POE 3.24 League Starter Build Will Destroy Pinnacle Bosses With Ease! - Fire Trap Ignite Elementalist

Build Advantage

Before we get into that, let’s first talk about the advantages of choosing this build.

In POE 3.24 update, Frostblink received a huge buff, while Flame Dash was not so lucky. That’s why I added an offensive setup in PoB specifically for this.

Once you reach the map, try to get the level 20 version of Fire Trap. This is a skill whose massive damage scales with gem level and damage over time multiplier mods.

But why not choose Explosive Trap? Because there are three sources of damage for a single Fire Trap skill: one is the flat fire damage caused by the hit, the second is the ignite caused by the hit, and the third is Burning Ground caused by the hit. These scale to fire damage from all modifiers.

Leveling Tips

Leveling is so smooth for this build.

You start with Rolling Magma while dual-wielding Goat’s Horns. Projectiles passing through Flame Wall add additional fire damage.

Consecrated Ground from Holy Flame Totem is a great way to restore life during boss fights. Don’t forget to use a Dexterity Amulet to switch to Fire Trap before dealing with Merveil. Once you grab Shaper of Flames and upgrade your Fire Trap, your damage will start to increase exponentially.

POE: Consecrated Ground Gameplay

If you have a Mastermind of Discord but not Eldritch Implicit from Gloves for Fire Exposure, you can tie Wave of Conviction with Arcanist Brand along with Flammability and Elemental Weakness.

When leveling up, you’ll need some extra Strength and Dexterity. You can temporarily gain these Strength and Dexterity from these passive points or Amulet. Since you get Eldritch Battery early on, mana maintenance won’t be an issue as long as you look for Hybrid Energy Shield gear.


The first thing I want to mention about gear is Stormshroud, which is tier 1 unique but completely optional. If you get it somehow, it will help you fix Freeze, Shock, and Ignite without having to rely on Pantheon. You can easily avoid shock from Abyss Jewel and Boots if you use it.

I don’t like builds that rely on tier 2+ Uniques at the start of a league. So this build is also completely affordable for players with low POE Currency budget.

Alternatively, you can fix Freeze from Soul of the Brine King while getting Ignite and Burning Ground from Abberath.

Also, you will need a Life Flask that is immune to Bleed and Corrupted Blood. These Utility Flasks are optional, as your flask’s maintenance depends entirely on killing monsters. You can even use 4 Life Flasks when you fight Pinnacle Bosses.

Pyre and Eye of Malice are powerful and cheap unique items for this build. But Polaric Devastation is a huge damage buff. There is a vast difference between having this ring or not. However, this is an exclusive drop from Black Star and will only get cheaper a few days into the league.

POE 3.24: Dawnbreaker is pretty strong!

As for the weapon, I am most interested in this league-specific unique, Dawnbreaker. This is the most powerful defensive unique shield currently in the game. It converts up to 20% of physical damage from hits into fire damage and has a huge chance to block attacks.

However, this is not cheap in the early stages of the league. Therefore, you can choose any other defensive shield until you can afford this one.

If your build isn’t too squishy and you can afford it, I recommend using Cloak of Flame, otherwise go with the rare Hybrid Evasion Energy Shield base. These items should have Evasion ability to gain a 15% chance of Suppressed Spell Damage Mastery.

The glove should have Implicit for Fire Exposure from Eldritch Ichor to stimulate Mastermind of Discord. Ignite spread is better than Fire DoT Multi with Searing Ember, as it helps with clearing speed.

Until you can afford the 6-link items, you can use Essence of Delirium to put this mod into your gauntlet, where you can master Fire Trap skill. This is much better than 5-link as it does 30% more damage without any drawbacks.

How To Reserve Mana Efficiency?

The next part is mana reservation and how we get 4 Auras through Divine Blessing. Suffice it to say, we’ve expanded the passive tree to cover the 3 powerful parts of this modifier. To do this, our gear doesn’t need another source to retain mana. If you run into problems ahead of time, you can use Mana Mastery or Rare Jewels to reserve efficiency.

Golems vs Bastion Of Elements

But why did we choose Golems instead of Bastion of Elements? The main reason is that there are very few benefits to be gained from Bastion of Elements.

With these 3 Golems, besides distracting enemies, you get 9% additional physical damage reduction, 294% life regen, and 38% overall damage increase. Plus, even if your Golems die, they will automatically respawn quickly.

So make sure to grab your last lab point, Liege of the Primordial, and then the passive point, Golem Commander.

POE 3.24: Golems vs Bastion of Elements


The boss play style of this build can be explained from the fight against Minotaur.

The first thing is to apply Scorched Ground from the boots to the boss position, if possible. Then you throw a bunch of traps in the area where you expect your target to be. Once it consumes the damage over time effect, you can use Arcanist Brand linked to Flammability and Elemental Weakness.

The boss will most likely hunt your Golems instead of you. So throw the trap first, then Shield Charge while moving, and throw again. Then rinse and repeat using Flame Dash or Frostblink.

Originally, this build used Righteous Fire, but the downside was the need to deal with life regen when upgrading. But with the nerfs in POE 3.23 patch, this isn’t even worth the extra damage unless you can get max fire resistance and 1000+ life regen.

Anyway, that’s it for this Fire Trap Ignite Elementalist build guide. Hopefully, this build will help you get off to a better start when POE 3.24 league begins. Looking forward to seeing you in the game.


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