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These Crucial Trade Tricks You May Missed In Path Of Exile 3.24

May 22, 2024

Hello everyone, today I will introduce to you 8 trading tips. Let’s begin with the trade site. Actually, a lot of cool little tricks that you can do here to make your trade experience less awful.

In fact, Divine Orb plays a very important role in trade, and purchasing it in large quantities can make the transaction go more smoothly.

These Crucial Trade Tricks You May Missed In Path Of Exile 3.24

1. Fuzzy Search

First one and most important is using the tilt button. This is when you push shift and then that little button next to your one button on your keyboard. It’ll do this little squiggly line. That will put the search into a fuzzy mode, which means you don’t need to be as specific when naming modifiers and items when searching for them.

If you don’t have this on, let’s say, for example, I’m looking for a modifier like increase elements of damage with attack skills. If you cannot remember all of that, you type in Elemental weapon. It’s not going to bring it up. But if you type this tiled and then you go “ele attack skill” then it’ll bring it up.

You can also use this if you do know the name of the mod, but you just are a bit lazy. Like I just did, you can go like elemental attack skill like that and it should bring it up.

2. Group by Seller

Another very useful thing is that you can group by seller. This means that you can buy multiple different items from the same person with a single trade. So let’s say I want to do my Uber at Sirus. I need all four fragments.

So what you might be inclined to do is head over to fragments and then you going to click one of these and then click Chaos or and then search one by one instead. What you can do is click all four. And then let’s say search by Divine Orbs and Chaos Orbs. It’ll bring up listings for both.

And then you need to do group by seller down at the bottom here. Group by seller. You want to run 50 Uber at Sirus. In a row, you can also adjust the stock count. So this will only show list things with people. Those people who have 10 full sets, so you can go search and then it’ll bring up.

Now if I want to buy a full set from, let’s say, this person, I can contact and then move these sliders. I want five of these and four of these and five of these and seven of these. You click the direct whisper and it will send a message to them saying. I want to buy this from you for this amount. You can also mix it up with different things.

Like I want to get Timeless Karui Emblem and a Mortal Grief, you can do it like that but generally best to buy sets or groups of Scarabs you want to run a strategy that you saw someone do. And you need this Scarab. Then you would click see who has 10 of these and you can buy them all like this.

3. Search by Time Listed

Something else is very useful, especially when you’re trying to buy a low value item or a low value unique. Quite late into a league, I want a Karui Ward for my new character. That I’m going to level and I need to hit search and you will see these will be many people who have listed these 18 days, 4 days, 6 days and 9 days ago. These people, if you message them they will never ever respond to you. However, what you can do instead is go listed and then anytime and change this to 3 hours ago.

Depending on the rare, if it was a Karui Ward, I might even do up to an hour ago. There’s going to be people who have just put in their stash and they want to sell it. These might be new players or people are starting the league late and trying to catch up. These people are much more likely to respond, in the same Vein of getting people to respond.

4. Message the Middle

I know it’s a pain, but you want to buy Chaos Orbs for your Divine Orbs. And you need 1,000 Chaos Orbs down at the bottom. Usually, these people are right at the top. Do not waste your time messaging these folks. It’s not necessarily that they are mean or price fixing or trying to ignore you.

Usually the case is that because they’re at the top. These people are getting dozens and dozens of DMs every minute. It is absolute Madness. I’m sure some of you have sold things in bulk and had that happen. It is panic inducing what is better to do is instead scroll further down and message. Let’s say someone from the middle. This might get you fewer Chaos Orbs.

However, you aren’t going to spend 20 minutes trying to buy it. Sometimes, you will hopefully this gets changed. But at least it is something useful.

5. Sell Instead Of Buy

However, another thing you can do if you want to get Chaos for your Divines or in this case Chaos for my Exalted Orb instead of going to the trade side and trying to buy Chaos for my Exalted. What I can do is put my Exalted in a trade tab, check the price on the trade site.

And then list this for Chaos Orbs and the price is like 15 for an Exalted. If I put it up at 15, it should sell fairly quickly. If you want to sell it really quickly, just undercut everyone, put it up for a little less like one Chaos less your listing will shoot straight to the top. And it will be sold very quickly.

6. Super Secret Naughty Trick

Now another very naughty trick. I haven’t seen anyone talk about this, but I do this all the time. The going rate of exhausted Orbs is 15 Chaos. Now I want my listing to show up right at the top, but I still want 15 Chaos Orbs. I don’t want 14. What I usually do is this: I will list it for 14.99 Chaos.

It’s very cheesy. This does seem to push your thing to the top. It will still show up on the trade site as 15 Chaos Orbs.

My item will be fractionally more cheap than the other listings, which means that it should show up. I often do this might be a bit naughty, maybe everyone’s going to do it after this and soon. We’re going to be listing things for 14.99. But I like that little trick. I do it to sell things at the going rate quickly.

7. Bulk Selling

Now if you want to list items for bulk instead of doing them one by one. What you can do is go over here to trade and then exact price. I want 57 Chaos Orbs for my 20 scarabs. I can go 57, 4, 20. This will show it up on trade in this format, so people will see I want to only sell these in bulk for this amount.

You can also make it a nice round number like 60 or 20 that will show it as three. But it should still show up on the trade site, as me listing these for 20 or 60 Chaos Orbs. Just remember, its first number is going to be what you want. And then the second number is going to be what you have.

Yours for mine, you can remember it like that. You can also list things directly from your tabs. You want to make your currency tab public and then you want to list your Vaal Orbs. you want 20 chaos Orbs for 20 Vaal Orbs. You can list it like that.

8. Reverse Sale Technique

And then another useful little trick that you can sometimes do. Let’s say I have 500 Grand Eldritch Ichors. Instead of me listing those for Divines or Chaos, what I can do is search for people buying these. For Divine Orbs, so we can say someone who has 10 Divines we can search for these people are buying 17 for one Divine Orb.

So you can actually sell your Grand Eldritch Ichors directly in this way, just make sure to first check it the other way around to make sure that you’re not getting rips off. Because these are few and far between.

That you will have these so you can actually see you would be getting undercut a little. These are going for 15 for a Divine, so you would be missing out. Do just check that just in case you’re getting scammed, you can do this with cards.

You find the doctor early in a league. You want to sell it quickly without getting scammed. What you can do? Click that over here, the doctor, and then say I want Divine orbs for my doctor.

We can search for Chaos orbs and these people are buying it. Again, just always check it the other way around to make sure you’re not getting ripped off. But a very good way to offload, sometimes, a lot of less commonly purchased items more quickly.

Master these tricks and you won’t have to worry about trading anymore.


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