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Uncovering The Secrets Of Farming Headhunter Or Mageblood In POE 3.24 SSF League

May 17, 2024

In this guide, I will share how I get Headhunter or Mageblood in SSF. Because of their powerful effects and extremely low drop rates as tier 0 Uniques, they are usually the most expensive items in each league, traded between players for many Divine Orbs.

I have gotten Headhunter or Mageblood in almost every SSF league over the past few years. But does that mean I am lucky? Yes, and no. I mean, you are, of course, always a little lucky when you find those chase items, but at some point, the luck should run out. So, it’s not just good luck.

Today, I will dive into two reasons why I think I get Headhunter or Mageblood in every SSF league. Aside from a little luck factor from time to time, I hope I can tell you some simple tips or strategies.

Uncovering The Secrets Of Farming Headhunter Or Mageblood In POE 3.24 SSF League

Play More Games

Unfortunately, getting Headhunter or Mageblood or any extremely rare unique item requires a lot of play, which is the first priority. You have to realize that you need to put in the time because Path of Exile 3.24 has a lot of RNG and you can get Path of Exile 3.24 by playing a lot to break the rut.

This information was put into perspective when a Nameless Seer provided me with it. Currently, my character is at 14 days and 9 hours of playtime, which is 345 hours of league playtime. That is definitely a lot, no doubt.

And I don’t often stand in my hideout during this process, nor do I open this game while doing other things. Instead, I bomb the map most of the time. I reach similar numbers in other SSF leagues.

I play Path of Exile frequently. It’s my favorite game and one of the best ARPGs in the market. I always buy a Supporter Pack or two and have a lot of fun playing.

Every hour you play has a chance to drop that unique belt. But more realistically, you have a chance of something dropping, and those things have a high chance of dropping Headhunter or Mageblood, which brings me to my second reason, there are things you can do even if you can’t play as long as I do.

League Mechanics

The second reason to succeed in Path of Exile is that certain items have a much higher chance of dropping from certain mechanics, and this change in each league.

On the other hand, there are also steady sources of Headhunter and Mageblood here. They don’t change in each league, only the chances of getting these Uniques may change.


Let’s first look at what you can do in each league to get Headhunter. There are a lot of things in no particular order that you can do to gamble with the materials you get from Expedition. If you do this, just pick up every Heavy and Leather Belts in Gamble, and then focus on using Ancient Orbs on the unique belts.

POE 3.24: Farming Headhunter Or Mageblood

Divination Cards

It’s a slight chance, but you may be lucky enough to run a map that drops Divination Cards, which can give you items and increase the chance of dropping items with Scarabs.

Each league has different maps where Divination Cards drop, so be sure to look them up ahead of time.

There’s a reason I run Crimson Temple Map and Burial Chambers Map, especially the last one. I don’t run them for fun, but because I love boss fights.


Any league mechanic or map mechanic has some gambling element, and I tend to tailor it to get a mid-level Headhunter or Mageblood.

So in Ritual, I try to look at as many pages as possible for rewards, hoping to get a big reward or high-value Divination Cards, and think about whether there’s a way to reliably get Voidborn Reliquary Keys like I did with Blue Wisps last time.

These are just a few examples of what I’ve been doing that I can think of right now. But I think you understand that if we want to get Headhunter or Mageblood more easily, it obviously depends on the league mechanic. We have to figure out what’s powerful. In the meantime, you should keep an eye on the trades to see if people are using any destructive strategies to get these chase items.


In Necropolis league, most people are always happy to combine Divination Scarab of Completion and Curation to get a full stack of Divination Cards from their favorite maps.

It is important to note that Scarab is very rare. Of course, if you play more, you will occasionally find one in SSF, which is why investing time is so important.

Nameless Seer

If you run this strategy in SSF, find some maps, you may get lucky like those people in the trade. Another strategy for this league is all about Nameless Seer. This NPC will sometimes appear on the map and sell a bunch of unique items in tier 16 maps.

You can get Nameless Seer as a map modifier using Allflame, which is why it helps if you blow up a bunch of maps. Or you can use Reliquary Scarab of Vision to get it. You will find these Scarabs from time to time. They are not extremely rare, and whenever I have about 10 Scarabs, I will batch run them to find Seer as soon as possible.

Time to conclude. Unfortunately for you there is no silver bullet here, but setting yourself up for success will give you the best chance of getting Headhunter or Mageblood. Ultimately, it’s about putting in the time and for every hour you play, your chances increase a little until the moment you drop what you want. Wish you the best of luck!


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