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Path Of Exile Mechanics Explained - Best Defense!

Mar 31, 2023

Today we will explain the best defense mechanics in Path of Exile and introduce the mechanical interactions in Path of Exile in detail.

The defensive mechanic in Path of Exile will often allow you to switch the type of damage you’re taking into another damage type. However, when you take damage in Path of Exile, it’s important not to confuse this mechanic with a similar attack mechanic called damage conversion.

You can use modifiers to transfer the type of damage you’re actually taking to Lightning Coil and Body Armor. They transfer damage types before mitigation, so mitigation only happens once.

For example, when you take physical damage with Lightning Hood and Body Armor equipped, the damage is not mitigated before and after the damage transfer occurs. Instead, use whatever physical damage mitigation you have to mitigate the damage. Your lightning resistance mitigates the remaining physical damage you take and some lightning damage converted from physical damage.

Path of Exile Defensive

It is important to note that transferred damage does not retain its original stats. For example, if physical damage hits are overwhelming by a certain percentage in the previous example, it will usually bypass your stated physical damage reduction.

However, in this case, for the physical damage part that moved to another type, the lightning damage likewise no longer has that property. This also works for Resistance Penetration and Elemental Ailments effects.

For example, if Shaper hits you with a shaping ball that has cold penetration, but you have Dawnbreaker Shield equipped, then part of the cold damage you take will be converted to fire damage, and you will not suffer Penetration, and will not be cooled or frozen.

However, this works a bit differently for damage ailments, as they are based on damage hit rather than damage taken. For example, if you have Rack Cage Armor equipped and you take fire damage, even though 100% of the damage is physical, the hit can still ignite you.

The most common damage modifiers are those that only affect incoming hits. If this is the case, the modifier will state that it only works with that one damage type. However, there are some more rare mods. Such as Cloak of Flame and this one on body armor, which also resists damage over time. Importantly, although the damage cannot be transferred more than once, we can convert it into many types.

Path Of Exile Best Defense Mechanics Series

For example, you cannot use Lightning Coil to convert all physical damage you take into lightning damage. Then use Dawnbreaker to convert that same lightning damage to fire damage.

However, you can use Lightning Coil to convert a portion of physical damage into lightning damage. Also, use Formless Inferno to convert another portion of physical damage into fire damage. You can even use Chieftain to convert another portion of physical damage into fire damage.

As you can see, Cleansing Water has significant advantages, especially for the damage you take, and can be a very effective defensive tool. Because if you’re able to shift enough damage types into another type of damage, you can basically ignore a specific damage type.

Therefore, it is very necessary for players to prepare Cleansing Water and other equipment during the adventure, and you can use enough POE Currency to get these.

The above is the whole content of the defense mechanism part in the mechanical interactions of Path of Exile that I understand. Hope to help you understand the game better. Wish you a happy life.


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