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Builds With Suppression In POE 3.21 Need Ancestral Vision!

Mar 30, 2023

Today, I want to talk about the details and opinions of the third Path of Exile Crucible spoiler and today’s exciting announcement is huge. Genuinely, I’m probably going to use this in at least one build much like the Storm Shroud from POE 3.20. This is another source of Ailment Avoidance. Why do you want an Elemental Avoidance?

Ailments are pretty dangerous. When you’re frozen, you can’t move at all, then enemies beat you to death. To prevent this, you need to freeze Immunity on your flask, which is a valuable affix to give up or a Pantheon, which is what most people do. Then, Ignite can burn you to death. Shock causes you to take up to 50% of increased damage. You can’t even survive that. Never mind, things like Brittle to make enemies crit you.

POE Ancestral Vision

I guess technically, the next one can be fixed with other means. Scorch reduces your resistances, meaning you need to be over capped on those resistances or you could always just be sapped and deal less damage. We all want to do more damage rather than less.

In short, Ailments are really bad Ancestral Vision causes modifiers to suppress spell damage to also apply. Also, it means that it does not erase the original effect of spell suppression, the chance to avoid Elemental Ailments at 50% of their value. You want a 100% chance to suppress damage to take half damage from enemy spells. This is particularly effective against bosses and will give you a 50% chance to avoid Elemental Ailments. Where do you get the last 50%?

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There are quite a lot of ways to do it. The easiest of which would be boots rolled via the Essence of Loathing that have Eldritch Implicits. You could also be a Raider that clusters got massively buffed as a result of this. There are several nodes on the tree conditionals while you’re holding a shield, some life nodes near a Raider area, chance to avoid plus Maximum Resistances or you can get up to 35% on your chest piece.

Keep in mind these aren’t the only sources, just some relatively common ones. It wouldn’t shock me if POE 3.21, POE 3.22 or beyond brings an entirely new set of Elemental Ailments that will ultimately have to deal with. Again, Storm Shroud turns targeted avoidance, shock avoid into general avoidance.

POE Purity of Elements

You can run Purity of Elements and there are a few other ways to be immune or otherwise unaffected. However, broad immunity tied to other powerful defensive benefits is great. There is an opportunity cost here. You can’t use a rare Jewel. You can’t use something with double or even triple crit multi and in a high budget build.

There’s going to be a cost to this. However, this means that other Jewels, like the storm chat, are going to be more economical since people don’t feel like they have to all use the same thing. And in a lower budget build, this could very well be the best option you have available.

After all, if your Corrupted Blood immunity jewel is just one or two stat, this could be a great choice, assuming that it’s not super rare. Personally, I’m going to guess it’s not rarer than the Storm Shroud. So, we’re looking at a price of between one and four Divine Orbs, probably towards the lower rather than the higher end of that.

Of course, this is just a very quick TLDR that some of the reasons why Ailment Avoidance is good and where to get it.

So far, the teasers have included a lot of quality of life updates and some items, which while cool, I didn’t see very much of a practical purpose for. But Ancestral Vision is absolutely something I’m going to use and something you should be using as well.


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