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Some Problems I Found Out In Resolve And Reward Mechanics In POE The Forbidden Sanctum

Dec 28, 2022

Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum has been live for a while now. While I'm happy to be able to play the base game changes and new Atlas Tree again, I'm actually quite fond of the Sanctum as well. So I think it still has a lot of potential to be developed, the following are some of my personal views.

The one I want to talk about most is a new mechanic introduced to the Sanctum. It's called Resolve. If you have experienced this mechanic, you should know that this mechanic actually plays a vital role in whether or not the Sanctum can be successfully run. But I found that it still has some problems. The first problem is that Resolve loss is not telegraphed consistently.


*I think to fix this, the Resolve loss from non unique enemies hits should be eliminated. Since they're a staple of Wraeclast, they shouldn't affect your character in any way. In my opinion, the way to increase the difficulty by adding so many small enemies in the Sanctum is not very appropriate. I think these little enemies should be removed and replaced with traps, or you can just be there to fill your flask, like in the Labyrinth.

*Secondly, the problem I want to talk about is that Resolve loss is out of proportion to the perceived danger the hit poses to your character. To solve this problem, I think developers can incorporate defense into the calculation of Resolve loss by coupling Resolve loss to damage taken, and then mitigating it with Resolve. Minimum Resolve loss equal to 5% of Resolve when entering the room. Increased number of dangers (like guards or traps) in different rooms. Resolve loss of hits will be proportional to their attack or cast time.


For tanky, low dps characters, if they want to finish the Sanctum as quickly as possible, they need to keep an eye on the Resolve level and find a way to get out of the Sanctum quickly. Therefore, it would make sense to include the individual threat levels of hits taken. Minimum resolve loss, which is not insignificant for everyone, can be balanced around the sanctum and should really only be applied when the unique guard enemies have non-telegram attacks (or for extremely tanky characters). Most attacks should be obvious and painful. This is combined with removing useless mobs (or their Resolve damage). So, only finishing one room will definitely be more of a threat, maybe x amount of guards per hallway or adding camouflaged traps to each room, only only the trained eye will see and cause a certain amount of Resolve damage, despite your characters defenses.


*Regarding the rewards of the Sanctum, I also feel that there are some issues that need to be resolved. The first is that Boons and Aureus Coins do not offer an exciting counterpart to Afflictions. In response to this problem, I think three kinds of random Boons can be placed in the bonus room. A Resolve that affects you, a bonus that affects you, and a character power that affects you. You can pick a reward at random and buy it with Aureus Coins. The coin economy should have multiple rewards competing for your wallet, with Accursed Pacts offering an alternative way of payment.

I've never played a Roguelike, but I think the increase in average danger per room should come with the ability to shape your run more. Tackle more rooms by giving you breathing room, more choice bonuses, such as increasing the chance/amount of specific reward types, or directly increasing movement speed, HP, defense, damage types, ailment confluxes, keystones, damage conversion, charges, shrines.

*Second, I don't think the rewards in the Sanctum are diverse enough. If it wants to fix this, I think the devs could add new reward types to everything in the game.

Accursed Pact

The current Sanctum is not interesting enough in terms of rewards, if you don't like the gameplay, there's no reason to actually play it. So, just radically diversify your three-way reward options. First, choose the reward type. The instant option will provide it like a loot chest, the floor option ending will add valuable qualities to it, and the Sanctum option ending will turn it into a competitive and valuable option. The same thing should happen with relics. The Merchant can sell a random selection of all rewards, such as a ritual tab for coins. Sure it is powercreep, but honestly, who cares. The only thing that really matters is that the difficulty is proportional to the rewards. Developers can introduce special reward types in Hell, such as the proposed portal gem as an account bound reward, or make them void after the league ends. The point of all of this is that Sanctum is the tie for the current league, and of course it's perfectly acceptable to balance it playing with other l egacy content in the future. This should be fine if recombinators exist.

Another thing I want to remind is that if you want to run the Sanctum better, it is very necessary to use POE Currency to get some excellent weapons and equipment.


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