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Why Do I Think Ruthless In POE The Forbidden Sanctum Is More Suitable For Novice Players Than Regular Play?

Dec 27, 2022

It's been a few weeks since the Sanctum League started. These days, I'm basically addicted to a hard mode called Ruthless, and I basically play 1 to 2 hours a day. After these days of experience, I have gained a lot. The following are my personal thoughts.

*First of all, this mode is actually tailor-made for those players who like hardcore experience, so the difficulty of this mode will be high and the game pace will be slower. The reason why I say this mode is difficult is that in the regular play I have experienced before, no matter what kind of bosses I encounter, I can easily kill them all within a few seconds before they release their skills. This mode is not so easy. If you want to experience this mode better, you must first work hard to learn the monster and boss mechanic.

*In Ruthless mode, a lot of game content is actually missing, such as craft, pantheon, some orbs, etc. This is undoubtedly very painful for regular players. Since they cannot be crafted, it becomes very difficult for them to obtain certain attributes. But for novice players, these missing content is not so important. Since crafting is difficult for them to learn, especially after harvest and crafting after the campaign, most of them don't care too much about crafting.

*Another reason why this mode is difficult is that the item drop rate is extremely low, and generally only drops some Support Gems and a very limited number of Active Gems sold by NPCs. This is actually very attractive to me. Because, when I get to level 8 or 16, etc. I don't have to worry about which Support Gems from the vendor to choose. Instead, I can spend more time thinking about how to make my own builds. Why do you say that? Because when you get +100% damage from Support Gems, what else do you need to think about? Right, so this is one of the disadvantages of regular play.

*You can choose to slow down the progression and farm in low levels. Of course, this is adjusted according to your own game style. If you want to pursue higher level items or have more powerful gems, then you can farm in high levels and speed up your game pace. However, if you are a novice player around level 20 and have a level 4 chest with 30 armor and want the 200 armor one, you can slow down and farm a bit. Because at low levels your choices don't make much of a difference. You can also take advantage of this period to study the mechanic and defense system in Path of Exile.


*Compared to relying on movement skills in regular play, Ruthless mode restricts all movement skills. I think it's better this way. Although it is said that with the assistance of movement skills, you can become more flexible, but in Ruthless mode, choosing movement skills will not work either. Because you will always be hurt by the monsters around you or affected by the environment with Affliction due to negligence, your movement skills will also be slowed down, out of control or the cooldown time will be increased due to these slowdowns and curses. So, if you rely more on movement skills, you will still die due to some uncertainties.

*This last point I'm going to make isn't terribly important, but it's definitely a big reason why I like Ruthless mode. That is, this mode will always bring me different surprises. Specifically, every hour of Ruthless brings something new and worth playing. Plus the Sanctum League wasn't that fun for me personally. I think I'm going to stick with Ruthless until the end of the league.

In general, I think Ruthless is more suitable for novice players to experience than regular players. Although this mode has minimum items and rarity drops, novices do not need to trade. It's better to farm slowly for a while, and you will always get good item drops in Ruthless.

I'm in a state where I don't want to switch to regular games anymore. I feel that the game process in HC SSF Ruthless that I am experiencing now is very interesting. What do you think? Would you recommend Ruthless to new players because it's slow or would you throw them into the regular game and expose them to a whole bunch of incomprehensibly overwhelming stuff?

Of course, if you want to experience Ruthless better, I suggest you use Divine Orbs to create your own builds, and you will definitely be pleasantly surprised!

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