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Tiny But Powerful Quality Of Live Features In POE Patch 3.21.1

May 17, 2023

If you’re reading this article, you probably love or at least curious about Path of Exile one of the deepest, most complex and satisfying action RPGs on the market.

You likely know it for its limitless skill customization systems, convoluted but truly awesome items and massive amount of content. But even a game as enticing as POE can always be improved, and these improvements can be simple but powerful.

Tiny But Powerful Quality Of Live Features In POE Patch 3.21.1

One of the biggest points of strife in POE is the complexity of the game and its terms, with no real way to learn about many of them inside the game itself. Many players turn to external sources like the POE Wiki or Awakened PoE Trade to learn about items, scales, quests, and trading, as well as a plethora of other game mechanics. In this way, they can think about how to earn more POE Currency to run the game content better while learning about the game.

POE’s development community is extremely dedicated and they’ve made a ton of tools to assist players in the game. Most of the people who use these tools love, or at the very least tolerate them. Surprisingly, even as someone who goes for 40 out of 40 challenges every league and I down every Uber, I don’t use many of these tools.

There’s Path Of Building, Awakened PoE Trade, plenty of calculators (Craft of Exile), custom filters trade tools (poe.ninjia) and more. But I mostly use, Div Cards But Better and The Path of Exile Wiki. All three are great and what I need to enjoy and excel at Path of Exile thoroughly.

However, I dislike needing to go into my web browser. And I use Edge and Venture across the POE Wiki. Grinding gear games could remove some steps and allow us to access this information inside the game easily.

POE Wiki

While Path of Exile could use a fully fledged tutorial or helper, that’s a ton of work on GGG. It’s feasible with Path of Exile 2 when a lot of new players will be coming into the game. But they could make a simple change before Path to Exile 2 or alongside its release to help players new and old alike massively.

The idea is simple. Allow players to prompt POE Wiki from within the game. One of my other favorite games, Guild Wars 2, allows players to do this, and it’s a huge time saver even though it seems minute. If you’d like to learn about a term, all you need to do is type slash Wiki and then insert the term here and POE would throw you to the appropriate Wiki Page or whatever is closest to the term you’re searching for.

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Are you interested in what Scorch does and how one can get it? If you are, it’s time to wiki it. Do you want to know how Betrayal works? Now, it’s time to take a look at the Wiki and then a few YouTube videos. You need to find out where Echoforge drops after someone links it in global chat. You could ask and perhaps get some good and troll answers in global or you could Wiki it from in game.

Long term, something like this in-game would be preferable and expansive and evolving glossary. but that’s a discussion for another day. Imagine Path of Exile now with access to the Wiki from right within the game. Let us all access what we need to from within POE, not on the web or third-party tools, starting with this. It’s minor, but it’s powerful.


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