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What To Farm In POE Crucible League?

Apr 01, 2023

In this article, I want to tell you what you should farm at the start of Crucible League and what you should take on the Atlas Tree for my strategy.

At the start of the league, we will farm five mechanics. They are Essences, Breach, Harvest, Searing Exarch and, of course, Crucible.


And what we start first is Essences. There are no changes about Essences in patch notes in Crucible League and at the start of each league, it is one of the best choices to farm because you don’t need anything. 

Just take some notes on Atlas Passive Tree and let’s go run maps. It’s easy to sell them on trade. Also, you can sell Essences bulk in the Forbidden Trove Discord with using TFT Bulk Selling Tool.


The next one is Breach. In the crossover league, there are many changes with Breach mechanic. Now, it is maybe one of the best mechanics to farm. Actually, you can open Path of Exile website and read all the patch notes about Breachstones, items and other changes. 

But you don’t really need it. The only thing you should know about Breach to farm with this start to fleek is Breach Is Closing Faster now. And it means that monsters are appears faster and you can kill more monsters than before and get more POE Currency. Also, now we can upgrade our Bridgestones into Flawless version and many cool changes.

POE Crucible


Next is, of course, Harvest. This mechanic is awesome to farm at the start of each league because you just take nodes on the Atlas Tree and go play maps. 

When you see Harvest, just kill these monsters and get Harvest currency, which you can use for crafting at the start of league or sell on trade easy, fast and zero investment.

Searing Exarch

Now is about Searing Exarch and why do I recommend red Exarch over blue? Of course, either has a chance to give us Divine Orbs from his Altars, but this chance is really low. I guess it’s around one percent.

At the same time, when we farm Searing Exarch, we have guaranteed chance to get useful POE Currency like Chaos Orb, Sextants, Chisels and other. 


The last one is Crucible and I need to explain it. With this mechanic, we will have an opportunity to have a Passive Tree on our weapons, shields and some uniques. 

POE Crucible Sill Tree

We can find these Atlas while farming maps and when we click on them. We can choose which web on the Shield or unique we want to upgrade with the passive tree.

After choosing an item, monsters appear and you need to kill them to get experience for upgrading your Passive Tree for skill nodes. Actually, you can choose the difficulty and the reward will be better accordingly, like the more monsters and their difficulty, the more experience you get. 

Why No Expedition At The Start? 

It’s simple. At the beginning of the league, the only way to farm Logbooks is to get them from maps with many mods on Atlas Tree and after farming, which is very boring.

I recommend farming the Expedition but only by purchasing Logbooks on the trade after 2-3 weeks of the league. 


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