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Best Divine Orbs Farming Guides In POE 3.21 Crucible Expansion

Mar 31, 2023

The arrival of Path of Exile Crucible is a fresh start in a new economy for all Exilers. There’s an unprecedented opportunity to get rich quick. Among all POE Currencies, Divine Orbs can be said to be very important. With enough Divine Orbs, you can exchange on pieces of gear or any items you are interested in. So, how can we farm lots of Divine Orbs?

1. Harvest Lifeforce Farming

Whether it is late league or early league of POE 3.21, Harvest Lifeforce has several uses. Early on in the league, I just sell them for Divine Orbs to get a start. Later on, I use them to re-roll Essences, Scarabs and Fossils. This depends on the selling price of these items and their respective Lifeforce.

In my opinion, at midleague, 5600 yellow is fair enough price for one Divine Orb. In case of an emergency where I need a Divine Orb to get an item on trade, I just sell my Lifeforce.

In POE 3.21, the value of Essences are at the peak because there is no Essence mod in the map device. I collect all kinds of Essences and then max them.

Then, I re-roll them using Harvest to get the most valuable ones, especially the one which gives men a reservation efficiency on helmets. You have to be careful not to spend too much Juice on this. If you get the attribute Essence, that's a fine one, too.

2. Black Scythe And Knights Expedition

When you are starting a new league, Tujen is the best source of filling up your currency tab with anything you need. Eventually, he could roll a few Divine Orbs in very unlikely a Mirror Shard.

The reason why Burial Medallion is most valuable is because one Denning re-roll can give you multiple other re-rolls of Exotic Coinage and even Expedition Maps. This will always remain the best league mechanic to farm POE Currency.

POE Divine Orbs

3. Collecting Stacked Decks

Collect Stacked Decks at high levels. Do not buy them and do not sell them. Get it yourself from level 85 plus Tujen, high level Heist or maps. When you open them, have at least 200, so the chances are very good.

This has always been one of the best guaranteed currency farming strategies for me personally.

4. Eldritch Altar Farming

Make sure to grab all the Eldritch nodes from the Atlas, including the Keystone Passives. This is free Chaos Orbs for an ouch and go strategy. If you are lucky while doing the blue ones, you could even get an Altar, which gives Divine Orbs.

When choosing which one to do, I recommend doing the one which is opposite to your build type. For example, if your build is Fire or Chaos based, do the blue one. If your build is Cold or Lightning, do the red one. In my opinion, both are equally rewarding.

5. Jun And Alva Master Missions

These are the two best Master Missions that can earn you at least for Divine Orbs for every couple of maps you run. Choose one which is good for your build. This requires a basic defense and good clearing speed, too.

I had a good start in this league because Devouring Diadem was selling for three Divine Orbs and I was farming the Syndicate until it lost its value.

A tip to note is that: if you run Jun missions on lower levels, then the Syndicate boss is highly likely to drop this unique helmet, the key things to get from Jun and Aisling and it that fled in research. Provisions in intervention and hillock in either of the other two. The key rooms to get from Alva Temple are the Locus of Corruption and Doryani's Institute. If the selling price is low, just run them yourself.

POE Crucible

6. Current League Mechanic

GGG will always set the best rewards at the new league mechanic. This time, the league mechanic is very rewarding if you have a build that can run it completely. It's easy once you get used to it, and this is the best opportunity to make a lot of Divine Orbs.

An honorable mention here is, the Crucible Challenge League. Challenge leagues are a great opportunity for a fresh start in a new economy. Actively participate in the league, you can get enough rewards and collect items and gems with high value. You can sell them later for Divine Orbs.

7. Double Corrupting Medium Value Items And Gems

Yes, this is huge. I mean very huge. You can make from 10 to 80 Divine Orbs easily in one good double corrupted chest piece. So, why is this not gambling? You may ask.

Because our strategy involves double corrupting items that are less than three Divine Orbs, while we have already made at least 10 Divine Orbs.

8. Farming 6-Links - Sextants

So, the key to this strategy is sextants, specifically these two sextants, the “unique monsters drop corrupted items” and the “beyond” sextant. So the way this farm works is that unique monsters will drop corrupted items, which have a chance of being six linked items, that we can vendor. Beyond spawns tons of unique monsters if you do it on double beyond and on a super juiced map. So, the idea here is we're going to try to spawn as many unique beyond monsters as possible, and then get six links off of them.

To that end, we are juicing the map up with some really valuable scarabs, some gilded harbinger scarabs, gilded breech, gilded ambush, and then just a rusted blight. Because blight adds so many mobs, you can get tons of unique beyond bosses off of this and we'll be running a map with beyond already on it other than that, the other two sections for me, I'm running mirror of delirium on my sextant so that I can pick some extra juice to add more monsters to the map on the Atlas device itself.

You could replace this with some juice and then pick the delirium modifier on the Atlas device. And I'm just running this sextant because I had a bunch of them to add some juice. Any juice sextant that'll add monsters to the map is good here.

So, this is something I always do from the mid-league till the end of the Crucible League. If you think the above method of farming Divine Orbs is too time-consuming and labor-intensive, you may wish to get some directly from here.


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