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Path Of Exile 3.12 Heist League Mechanics Guide

The Heist League of Path of Exile has started for a week. I believe this has left a deep impression on the players, and the current league will be successful. We also listed the main points of the Heist League mechanics.

How to get to the Rogue Harbour?

Finding your first Rogue's Marker will be prerequisite, which is a special currency and a portal to the Rogue Harbour. You can right-click it in any town to open the portal.

The first Marker drops from the first non-quest elite. That can be Fire Fury elite in The Cost (Act 1). If you have skipped this, you can get them from the upcoming Raptor.

After you pick up Rogue's Marker, you will start the quest. Go to Loineye's Watch and speak with Kurai, who is the Administrator. She will tell you more details about their organization and the way to open the portal.

The Rogue Harbour NPCs

For more details, you can read our previous article, which has a detailed introduction. So, here, we will only mention three starter rogues.

* Isla, the Engineer (she can open doors faster and disable traps)

* Karst, the Lockpick (he can open any lock with his brilliant lockpicking skills)

* Tibbs, the Giant (he can smash the door open and has a special perk to open the chests during the escape phase)

These are the first rogues to help you in heists, there are 9 rogues, you can open them when you upgrade. For more information, click here.

As for other useful NPCs, one of them is Kurai, the Administrator. Her main task is to teach you basic and guide you on the Heist quests.

The other is Adiyah, the Wayfinder. When you have a contract or blueprint, talk to her. In the dialog window on the right, you will see two options. The first is for contracts, put a contract into the slot and Adiyah will open the portal to the heist location. The second is for blueprints, it works the same way, but you may want to upgrade your blueprint and plan a Grand Heist first.

Faust, the Fence. He is a trader. You have to sell him the main items you rob (that you get from the contract). In return, he will give you Rogue's Marker. In addition, you can sell him anything you like for common currency.

Whakano, the Barber. This handsome man is very useful for planning a Grand Heist. In the interact options you will see two options:

* Reveal Blueprint Details - after you put a blueprint into the slot you'll see more hidden rooms and wings on it. Each reveal costs Markers. If you have enough currency you can revel even another wing on the blueprint and get more loot from a Grand Heist. You can stack Whakano reveals by completing heists (contracts) with the same zone as the Grand Heist is in. So if you complete 1 tunnels contract you get 1 blueprint reveal for tunnels (Grand Heist) at Whakano.

* Purchase Items - also you can purchase extra contracts and blueprints (later) from Whakano. We recommend you buy the cheapest ones at once and stock them up from level 50+. They reset daily and each time you level up.

How to get Contracts and Blueprints?

In the Heist Locker, you will find nine contracts and nine blueprints. In addition, the Grand Heist display loot depends on the blueprint layout. Not only are they different in design, but they also have different guards in their containing positions. They have different types and behaviors, and you can get contracts and blueprints similar to Rogue's Markers:

* Drops from Smuggler's Cache and low chance other drops.

* Purchase them from Whakano in the Rogue Harbour.

* Get or buy them from other players.

Also, you will see green contracts that you cannot modify or store in the Heist Locker. These are quest contracts that will help you level up the skills of particular rogues. We recommend you so them as you go, so you could get other quest contracts faster. All of them drop randomly but in a similar sequence.

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