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My Fastest Way To Farm Blight Maps In POE 3.21

May 13, 2023

This guide is about Blight Maps farming. This strategy can form every build with at least 3 million damage and you don’t need a lot of currency because investments are really small.

Purchase T13 - T16 Blight Maps

First of all, you need to purchase Blight Maps that can be anointed up to three times. They’re really cheap and I bought my 20 Blight Maps in TFT Discord channel for one Divine Orb total.

If your build can’t farm Blight Map without Towers like my cousin damage taking Occultists are Carrion Golems, so you should anoint your rings with these two anointments.

My Fastest Way To Farm Blight Maps In POE 3.21

Anoint Your Rings With: Meteor (Violet + Indigo)

The First is Meteor Towers which create Burning Ground and for these anointments, you need one Violet Oil and one Indigo Oil.

Anoint Your Rings With: Chilling Freeze (Opalescent + Silver)

The second one is Chilling Towers Freeze Enemies for 0.2 seconds and for these anointments, you need one Opalescent Oil and one Silver Oil.

POE Blight Map Towers

Anoint Your Rings With: 2x Crimson / 1x Teal

When you already have your Blight Maps and anointments on your rings, you should use oils exactly on your map. For my strategy, I use these oils. And they are still one Crimson Oil and one Teal Oil. We will have more luggages and also blight monsters spawn faster.

The total price of these three oils is three Chaos Orbs, so it’s really cheap.

Use Chisels For 20% Quality, Orb of Alchemy for 80+ Quantity and Vaal

When you anointed your map with oils, you should use Chisels for maximum quality and Orb of Alchemy for 80% plus quantity of items, then use Vaal. And you are ready now.

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Level 3 Chiling / Level 3 Seismic / Level 4 Fireball (Meteor)

Now, when you enter the Blight Map, you need to activate your hiker pump and then during next four minutes, you should build your towers near monsters spawn holes and also near the pump. And it should be level 3 Chiling Tower, level 3 Seismic Tower and level 4 Fireball Tower with Meteor.

So, with these towers, monsters will be much slower and also they will partially die from meteorites and you only need to protect the main pump or you will lose.

Collect Your Loot

When the time is up, you have killed all the monsters and your pump is still alive. It’s time to collect your loot. Just run and open chests all over the map and take everything that falls from them.

For this way of farming, I recommend using very strict loot filter to not to miss treasure on the floor. Our main profit consists of POE Currency, Oils, Blight Ravaged Maps, Divination Cards, Fossils, Influenced Maps and other lucky drops.

POE Blight Ravaged Maps

Profit & Loot

Now, let’s talk about my results. As I said before, I bought 20 Blight Maps for one Divine. Also, for these 20 Blight Maps, I needed 40 Crimson and 20 Teal Oils. So, in total, I spent around 1.3 Divine and the price of one charged map is around 14 Chaos Orbs.

Now, I will tell you what I got from these 20 Blight Maps. I calculated the total loot price with the TFT bulk selling tool. Let’s look at these numbers. It’s 2.5 Divines for oils, 4.3 Divines for currency, 2.1 Divines for Stacked Decks, 1.1 Divines for Blighted Ravaged Maps, one Divine for expensive Divination Cards, 0.5 Divine for Influenced Maps and one Divine for Fragments, Scarabs, and Fossils.

So, in total, I got 12.5 Divine Orbs for 2-hour flight farming with 1.3 Divines investment. It seems not bad. And this strategy can try every build and it always will be easy and fun.


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