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POE 3.21: Everything You Should Know About The Ward Loop Build - Issues You Will Meet & How To Fix Them?

May 12, 2023

If you are new to Path of Exile, I can create any build for you. I can redesign any build for you. I can recommend any build for you, but Ward Loop is not for you. This is because the Ward Loop is one of the hardest builds to set up, but not as hard as the Aura Stacker build.

The difference in setting up a Ward Loop and an Aura Stacker is a matter of budget. You can create a Ward loop in less than 50 Divine Orbs, but you need at least 200 Divine Orbs to set up a proper Aura Stacker.

If you are interested in getting started with my Ward Loop build, here are some of the common issues you could stumble upon and this can be frustrating if you don’t have anyone to help you with.

Everything You Should Know About The Ward Loop Build - Issues You Will Meet & How To Fix Them

1. I’m Taking Damage When I Start My Ward Loop

This is because you don’t have enough Ward to ignore the damage. You need to have at least 1.1k Ward to run Ward Loop safely .  

As you know, each hit you take has to go through your flat Ward first. Ideally, you want the maximum tier of Ward on your helmet, gloves and boots. A tier 2 on your hybrid mod will be fine, too.

2. My Character Is Committing Suicide

If you don’t have flask sustain on your Olroth's Resolve flask, you will take hits from your own self damage and die. This is why flask charges are the key element of the Ward Loop build.  

POE Olroth's Resolve

You need at least 2 flask duration mods from your Timeless Jewel: Tier 1 mods on your belt and as many small nodes with increased effect on your cluster jewels. 

Take heed, not to increase the effect of the flasks with mods like Alchemist’s Genius.

3. Skeletons Die Slow And Trigger Is Slow

This can be a cooldown issue or a duration issue with the Skeletons.

One of the main reasons to go for the Saboteur is the Clockwork node that gives you increased cooldown recovery rate. The better the cooldown recovery, the smoother and safer the trigger sustains.

POE To Dust

This could also be an issue with your Skeleton duration being too long. We are using 3 To Dust jewels to reduce the duration of the Skeletons. Ideally, you want a duration of 0.20 seconds over the Anomalous Summon Skeletons.

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4. My Skeletons Are Not Spawning

This is the most common issue faced by most players. Most of my supporters on Patreon reported this to me.

As we delved deep into our investigations, we discovered it was related to the duration of the Skeletons. Most had too little duration on their Summon Skeletons, such that their Skeletons weren’t even spawning.

POE Summon Skeletons

The first thing you need to check for is if your Skeletons are spawning in the first place. This was fixed by removing the less duration support gem.

5. Multiple Weapon Swaps Required To Start The Trigger

To start the loop, minions need to die or you should take a lot of damage. It is recommended you use 2 one handed weapons with Summon Spectral Spirits each on your weapon slot 2.

If you need multiple weapon swaps to start the loop, this is because you are running out of Mana quickly. Ward Loop is also a Mind over Matter build, and hence you need to stack a mana of at least 1.7k with all the recovery, recoup and regeneration stuff from the Passive Tree.  

Since your triggered skills cost mana, they need mana and reduced mana cost to sustain the loop. You can get reduced mana cost from one of your magic flasks.

6. Still Not Working

This is because you are not taking enough self damage and hence a lot of things can go wrong in this case.

Try to use 2 Heartbound Loop rings as I have. Using 2 Heartbound Loop rings is still as good as using a Nimis Topaz Ring. Because this gives a much faster trigger rate, giving you a lazer like style. If you have a fast cooldown recovery, this works too!

POE Heartbound Loop rings

7. One Or Two Skills Don’t Trigger

This is very easy to figure out. Just check each skill individually if they can be self casted.  

If they can be self casted, it means your cast when damage taken linked to that skill needs a higher level. If you can use the divergent version of cast when damage taken support, it has a lot of efficiency you get for a build like this.

To summarize, you need mana, ward, flask charges, self damage, cooldown recovery, and Skeletons. If you are starting this build, I can guarantee you that you will run into issues, but you will figure it out as I did when I first tried.


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