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Path Of Exile Enlighten: Useful Tips For Novices


We have updated the POE Trade Guide, Mechanics Guide, and Modifiers Guide.

Although every new league of Path Of Exile will follow certain gameplay formulas, its highly customizable nature is not very friendly to new players. But the new content will still attract a lot of new players, they can only constantly seek some guides.

The class in POE usually only determines the starting position of the character on the sprawling web of interconnected nodes, thereby increasing the character's stats. Skills are not learned through upgrades, but are found in gems attached to the equipment. These gems are determined by stat requirements.

POE Classes

Although the game supports any number of builds of any class, each of these 7 classes points to a specific game style and stat distribution from the beginning. Marauder, Ranger, and Witch each focus on one attribute.

Marauders: need big Strength

Rangers: need high Dexterity

Witches: need a lot of Intelligence.

Duelists: Strength and Dexterity

Templars: Strength and Intelligence

Shadows: Dexterity and Intelligence

Ascendant: you won’t have it from the start, can specialize in any stat you wish.

The focus of each build is different:

*Strength builds: To fight in melee, with good damage and high resiliency

*Dexterity builds: Focus on ranged attacks and evasion

*Intelligence builds: Have high mana and powerful magical skills.

Skill Gems

You can't get skills through leveling up, they are dropped in the form of gems, as long as the gems are equipped, you can insert them into the equipment to obtain usable abilities. The equipment will have slots of various colors. As long as the character meets the stat requirements, you can place gems of the appropriate color in the matching slots.

Regular use of these skills can make the upgrade, but this is not the only way to strengthen skills. Some equipment has sockets linked together. In this case, the Support Gem can be placed in the linked slot to modify her attached skills, or strengthen them in a useful way, or change their properties. Each class will benefit from continuously upgraded gear.


The character’s flask at the bottom left corner of the screen is a consumable, which can restore life or magic. Flasks are not completely used up when activated, they still exist in the inventory, and you can gain energy by returning to town or killing enemies. You can equip up to 5 flasks. At the beginning of the game, you will restore your life or mana pool. Flasks with other beneficial effects will appear soon.

Flask is a kind of equipment, you need to constantly upgrade it to keep up with more powerful enemies. There are even flasks that are not restorative effects, but apply a special buff for a limited time. These flasks will help improve the efficiency of the build and help you deal with difficult enemies or bosses, so they are also important equipment for subsequent challenges.

How to play with others?

Whether you are inviting friends or strangers to play the game, teaming is very simple, as long as you press "S" by default, the social menu will pop up and navigate to the corresponding tab, and even higher-level players can automatically drop to the lower level to help novices. But note: adding players will increase the power to encounter monsters, but this is also good, because the dropped items will be more valuable.

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