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Path Of Exile Ultimate Modifiers Guide


The mechanics of Path Of Exile Ultimatum is very simple. You can check our previous Mechanics Guide. Today's article will show you which Modifiers are suitable for your builds, you can activate them, and which Modifiers you should avoid.

What Modifiers to pick or avoid?

Everything depends on your build. The main principle is to activate those Modifiers that will not affect your build mechanics or that you can easily evade. For example, if you use a channeling build, you can wisely avoid modifiers that spawn clouds, they follow you, or areas that deal damage if you stand in them or next to them, such as Stormcaller Runes.

What to pick

* If your build uses dodge and evasion to defend, you'd better choose:


Stalking Ruin

Restless Ground III

* If you have a mobile build, you should choose:

Choking Miasma

Razor Dance

* If your build does not have skills or spells with cooldown, you can choose: Less Cooldown Recovery

* The same strategy is used for those players who have not used buffs, and choose: Buffs Expire Faster

* Powerful builds with a lot of damage and fast clearing speed are very effective for dealing with monsters, such as:

Escalating Monster Speed

Bonus Chaos Damage

What to avoid

The following Modifiers are dangerous for any build, so you'd better avoid them as much as possible.

* Hindering Flasks and Limited Flasks - almost all builds are vulnerable without flasks.

* Reduced Recovery is not recommended for builds with high Life and Energy Shield Regen or depend on mana.

* Lightning Damage from Mana Costs on levels 2 and 3 will melt players who spam mana-expensive abilities.

* Treacherous Auras is obviously tough and dangerous for builds where auras play important role in defense or damage dealing.

Besides, you need to read the winning conditions carefully. Some trials are simple, such as defeating monsters, but some trials require you to protect the totem or survive longer. Many factors will affect your success, so you need to be more cautious.

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