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Path Of Exile Nerfing Harvest League, Which Causes Strong Reactions From Fans


Players of Path of Exile are getting better at farming. This is the core issue of the latest POE design statement. GGG's Chris Wilson expressed his concern about the certainty of Harvest Crafts and the difficulty of crafting nearly perfect items for players. The 3.14.0 patch that will be released in April will solve this problem. Wilson also explained the specific working principle.

The original goal of Harvest League is to allow players to craft items during the leveling process. This is a very powerful crafting system and very suitable for the limited league, but implementing it into the main game will result in some “ridiculous” items. Therefore, GGG decided to let the best results become very rare.

As the number of players joining the game increases, these rare items are still very common, which makes other parts of the game "obsolete". Also, the large amount of crafting materials makes some players who own them feel overwhelmed, because they have too many forging options to select.

The result is that 3.14.0 will make 5 core changes to the Harvest mechanics. Wilson said that the first three are direct nerfs to Harvest, and the last two are improvements.

However, fans are not satisfied with these upcoming changes, and some players even say that GGG will ruin one of the few things that have been received praises in the past few years. But there are also players who are satisfied with this update. The update has not been released yet, we don’t know whether this patch can satisfy fans, but once the patch is released, will also update related news in time, and collect relevant player feedback.

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