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Path Of Exile QA Part

Now the POE Expedition league is underway, and there are still new players joining it. The mechanics of this league are still not well understood. If you are a new POE player, you can view the article about the Expedition league mechanics on

Now we also viewed some questions that many players are concerned about. We have selected a few and attached the corresponding answers.

Q: Are there any tips and guides for Expedition league?

The remnants adding mods and the chests are attractive, but unless he is a good mod, big skulls (runic monsters) are more important. Runic monsters usually drop artifacts to use with expedition NPCs, which are the real rewards.

You can access the expedition locker on the map by talking to expedition NPCs. If you lack inventory space, then store your artifacts before returning to your hideout.

When doing logbooks, pay attention to the blue and white crystal node thingy on the map overlay/minimap. Not every logbook has it, but if it does, you can hit it within an explosive and it will become the entrance to another area with many rewards. These areas are very different, but they all have extra loot.

Q: How to bridge the gap between getting to maps and getting the expensive items on an RF inquisitor build?

A PoB link would help to solve the question.

Q: What’s the best way to level up in the late 80s?

If your build is good enough, high-level Temples of Atzoatl can allow you to gain more experience in the high 80s. The most important thing is to avoid the fire/lightning rooms, because they will cause extra damage to each monster, which can quickly become dangerous. In addition, if you have a T3 Corruption room, you can also sell the temple for an exalt.

The problems encountered by each player are different, so if you are a novice, you can start the game based on the tips from some professional players. This is especially important in builds. If you don't know enough about the game mechanics, it is helpful to refer to other people's existing builds, which can help you dive into the game faster. will also frequently update POE-related news and guidance, which may also help you to some extent, and you can also get more direct help here - POE Currency. Sufficient POE Currency plus some wise strategies will help you reach your goals more quickly.

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