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Path Of Exile Ultimatum League Review


It has been a while since the release of Path Of Exile Ultimatum League. We have a more comprehensive understanding of it. This article will tell you what has been added to the game and what has been changed.


Ultimatum League has introduced a new opponent - The Trialmaster. You can meet him in zones and maps, and he will provide you with a reward. So, in order to obtain it, you will have to face severe challenges. Swarms of monsters will try to prevent you from surviving until the end of each round. And, in each new round, the stacked modifier you choose will strengthen the monster. Either win the reward or die and lose all the rewards.

The new mechanic is very interesting, although the ratio of the quality of the reward to the number of killed monsters is obviously not in favor of the players, even the simplest rewards require you to defeat a large number of enemies.

Reworked reward system

Although the new league does not introduce a lot of new content, its reward system covers more than the previous leagues. The new rewards, and the ability to get rewards only by clearing specific areas/events, helped to update the old leagues and mechanics that many new players don’t know about.

For the old players, this is an incentive for them to experience the game again and get decent loot from it. The ability to choose an enchant Uber Labirynth, which greatly simplifies the craft of helmets. This is also used for the possibility of turning your Temple of Atzoatl into an item.

In addition, the new skill gems are also satisfying, as well as the low-life changes and the new mechanic of petrified blood aura. Now playing LL builds has become easier and safer!

In general, although the Trialmaster challenge is not simple, the league is still very interesting, especially considering the improved rewards before the league, so if you have not killed Atziri, Queen of the Vaal, now is the right time to get them done. has also provided other guides, such as Ultimatum Mechanics Guide and Trade Guide.

In addition, if you need to buy POE Currency, you can always come to Because there are many rare Orbs in the game, if you are not patient enough to wait for them to drop in-game, you can come here to buy Orbs you need.

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