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A Complete Guide On New Unique Belt Kaom’s Binding In Path of Exile 3.22

Sep 05, 2023

Welcome to my POE guide. Here again we will have some discussion about the new Unique Belt, Kaom’s Binding. Kaom’s Binding is another new Unique in Path of Exile 3.22. It is a belt similar to Pyroshock Clasp.

Despite its relatively likely bland play style, Kaom’s Binding offers decent defensive properties that can be used to great effect.

Path of Exile: A Complete Guide On New Unique Belt Kaom’s Binding

Kaom’s Binding

Kaom’s Binding is a Trial of The Ancestors league exclusive drop. It rarely serves as a reward for winning a game. It could come in the ultimate game of tournaments. You can also get it at the vendor for 8 Chaos Orbs.

Kaom’s Binding has some special properties, as well as two rare modifiers. The first modifier converts an enemy’s physical damage to fire damage. Another modifier that allows the wearer to use Righteous Fire without taking any damage.

POE: Unique Belt Kaom’s Binding

No Burning Damage Modifier

Let’s discuss No Burning Damage Modifier first. This makes you effectively immune to burn damage, which also means it applies the burn damage effect to you. Such as Ignite, Righteous Fire or Burning Ground. These effects still exist, but they do no harm to you.

Now I’m thinking hard about ways to abuse this mechanism. For example, you could then use the flask every four seconds to shut down Righteous Fire. Then reactivate it again to use Righteous Fire without taking any damage.

Especially useful when dealing with things like Burning Ground. Because when you stand on Burning Ground, once you equip it, you are effectively immune to all burning damage for the next 4 seconds.

This modifier is really useful when you consider playing a map with Burning Ground everywhere. Especially for a build that lacks Restoration, this belt is definitely worth your extra POE Currency.

Path of Exile: Kaom's Binding Unique Belt Guides

Damage Conversion Modifier

Next, let’s look at another special modifier on this belt. It converts 25% of physical damage from nearby enemies into fire damage. This modifier has an effect radius of 60 and should scale with the general area of the effect modifier.

In short, this is actually a fairly enormous area of effect around the character. Enemies in this area will have 25% of physical damage converted to fire damage.

It’s important to note, however, that damage conversion is specific to hits. So this doesn’t work against Bleeding or Corrupted Blood debuffs that enemies inflict on you.

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Damaged Ailments

There is a very important distinction here. This modifier is converting the enemy’s damage type, rather than transferring the damage you take to a different type. This means that the hit damage is now changed, which will affect the damage ailments the hit does.

For example, if an enemy has a chance to apply a Bleed or Poison effect to you. Then because of Kaom’s Binding’s damage conversion, the resulting Bleed or Poison will only deal with lower damage.

But meanwhile, if the enemy has a Generic Ignite chance or a Critical Strike hit. Then 25% of physical damage dealt now may be ignited by fire damage.

So be aware that this is one of the big differences between damage conversion and damage taken. Because damage conversion changes, the base hit damage, while damage taken doesn’t.

Damage Difference

Now it’s important to realize the enormous difference between this modifier and the damage it does as a modifier on another POE Items. Let’s take Lightning Coil as an example.

Path of Exile: Lightning Coil

Lightning Coil has a modifier that converts physical damage from hits you take to 50% lightning damage. But Kaom’s Binding specifically converts damage to enemy calculations. This is important because these modifiers do not stack. So it is very important to convert enemy damage to certain situations.

Searing Exarch Abilities

For example, Searing Exarch Boss has a basic attack ability and an Annihilation Barge ability. Both abilities convert 75% of physical damage into fire damage. Because this belt is calculated by directly converting the enemy’s damage. This will make both abilities now deal pure fire damage, which can be very beneficial.

Path of Exile: Searing Exarch Abilities


Whenever you force an enemy’s physical damage to deal a different damage type by converting damage as a modifier. Your armor mitigates any remaining physical damage from these attacks. And Kaom’s Binding provides a decent amount of armor, too. So, after switching, your total armor will be more effective against smaller physical damage.

Overall, I think Kaom’s Binding is clearly a great belt. Although I think it will have a hard time competing with some really strong options. But in some builds it will be a good option.


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