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These 3 Top AOE Builds In POE 3.24 Necropolis Will Help You Clear Everything Effortlessly!

Jun 14, 2024

As POE 3.24 is gradually coming to an end, here we want to talk about the 3 most worthwhile big AOE builds to try in Necropolis League. If you like to wander around the map and challenge some powerful bosses, then these builds must be what you are looking for. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

Ultimate Sweep Slayer

The first build we chose is Ultimate Sweep Slayer with Duelist class. Unlike many minor hits like Cyclone, Sweep will deal some big hits and create a huge Area of ​​Effect.

These 3 Top AOE Builds In POE 3.24 Necropolis Will Help You Clear Everything Effortlessly!

To understand the advantages of this build, I will start with the boss damage. Sweep really has the killing power and can kill Guardians by just spinning your sword four or five times. I promise you, this will even make you feel like a boss.

Not only that, this build also has excellent clear speed because of the huge Area of ​​Effect that almost covers the entire screen.

For the cons, I’ll start with its survivability. Since you need to stay still and close to the enemy to successfully apply skills, this puts you in a vulnerable position. Therefore, I recommend that you always stay a few levels higher than the map you are on and invest in your survivability.

As for the budget, this build is completely affordable. You only need about 90 Chaos Orbs to destroy the endgame in the early game. But if you want to advance to Yellow Maps easily, investing in Chaos Orbs is necessary. Eventually, to finish our Atlas effortlessly, you also need to invest about 6 Divine Orbs.

For the clear speed of this build, it must be worth 9 points. You can use a huge Area of ​​Effect to perform devastating blows. I only deducted one point because you need to stand still to attack and the attack speed is not the best.

Its boss damage is completely incredible and deserves a full 10 points. Even if you only attack a few times per second, they are powerful. Like I said before, they will kill Guardians in less than five attacks.

For its survivability, I would give it 8 points. This build has many layers of defense, such as Permanent Fortify, Evasion and Spell Suppression. You still need to be careful though, as you are always standing still while attacking, which puts you in a vulnerable position.

POE 3.24 Powerful Ultimate Sweep Slayer

Archmage Ice Nova Hierophant

Next up, we have the powerful Archmage Ice Nova Hierophant with Templar class. This build works by stacking as much mana as possible and utilizing Archmage Support to convert up to 19% of your mana into additional lightning damage.

The skill we chose is Transfigured Gem Ice Nova of Frostbolts, which deals more damage when close to Frostbolts. To increase the efficiency of our attacks, we use Kitava’s Thirst Helmet to automatically cast Frostbolts for us.

To understand the strengths of this build, we'll start with its boss damage. There are countless Ice Nova stacked on Frostbolts here that will cause the boss to die like a simple monster.

Not only that, but its clear speed is also impressive. With Frostblink of Wintry Blast, we can move across the map quickly while casting Ice Nova in all directions for huge AOE damage.

Now coming to the downsides, I will start by saying that this build is relatively expensive and you need to invest in at least 10 Divine Orbs to make it work. Another problem is that you must have extra mana in all your gear, which can make the gearing process a bit difficult.

To complete this build, there are two mandatory unique items that you need to prioritize acquiring.

The first one is Kitava's Thirst Helmet. When you cast at least 100 mana at a time, it triggers Transfigured Gem, which makes Frostbolts that need to be cast automatically cast, greatly speeding up the clearing.

Next, we also need Anathema Ring. In this case, it makes our curse limit the same as our maximum Power Charge.

POE 3.24 Archmage Ice Nova Hierophant

For the clear speed of the build, it is undoubtedly full marks. Its extraordinary movement speed is accompanied by Ice Nova that is always everywhere, so that you can’t see the enemies before they are eliminated.

The damage it does to bosses is also amazing, with overlapping Ice Nova casts on countless Frostbolts, the boss doesn't even have a chance to survive for more than two seconds.

For its survivability, I would give it 9 out of 10. Not only does it have a strong health pool and energy shield, but the unique mechanics of this build ensure that 50% of the damage is absorbed by mana before affecting our health pool.

As you know, we have a lot of manas in this build, and we also hit the enemy so many times per second that instant leech will make your health full almost 100% of the time.

Cyclone Of Tumult Slayer

Finally, we have this amazing Cyclone of Tumult Slayer with Dualist class in the first place.

Since Affliction league brought Transfigured Gem, an alternative version of Active Skill Gems, Cyclone Skill gained Cyclone of Tumult. This resulted in Cyclone’s Area of ​​Effect being wider and more powerful while also being much slower.

However, we can eliminate this disadvantage with a simple trick, just have a Cyclone with 33% more damage and 40% more AOE.

For the pros of this build, I will start with the clear speed. It is always moving and can easily cut down all the low-level enemies on the way. Not only that, its boss damage is incredible. Once the build is completed, we can even kill the big boss in a few seconds. On top of that, this build is very simple and easy to assemble.

Now to the cons, I will point out some important issues that you should pay close attention to.

As mentioned before, this build has great survivability once it is completed, but you need to control the progress reasonably when you level up your character because you are always very close to the enemy. If you are not prepared, you will be killed by the enemy in one shot. So before entering the high-level content, it may be a good idea to spend some time to upgrade a few more levels.

Another useful tip about improving your survivability is how to deal with stuns in this build. You can get Stun Immunity on the closer Jewel, but not everyone can afford it right away. If that’s your case, you can also go for Evasion Mastery, which, after using it, makes it impossible to be stunned if you haven’t been hit recently.

For this build, you only need one mandatory unique item, which is Stampede Boots. This ensures that your movement speed is always 150% of its base, which means that the drawback of Cyclone of Tumult is meaningless to us.

POE 3.24 Cyclone of Tumult Slayer

For clear speed, we would give it 9 out of 10. Cyclone moves constantly while accompanied by a huge Area of ​​Effect, so you can always farm your map without wasting time stopping to cast spells or doing things like that.

Its boss damage is just amazing and definitely worth 10 points. Once this build is complete, you will easily achieve over 15 million DPS, which is more than enough to destroy everything in a few seconds.

Now, for its survivability, I would give it 9 out of 10. This build achieves over 100,000 Effective HP because of multiple layers of defense and a lot of instant life leech. Now with the huge AOE bonus from Cyclone of Tumult, you don’t even need to get close to the enemy at the end of the game, which will give you more survivability.

That’s all for this guide. What do you think about these AOE builds? Are there any better options that didn’t appear on this list? Have a great day everyone.


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