Tencent Company Of China Snatched Up 80% Stake Of Grinding Gear Games
Tencent Company Of China Snatched Up 80% Stake Of Grinding Gear Games

Some time ago, the famous New Zealand game developer Grinding Gear Games once again released the new expansion of its popular game POE, Blight, which set off waves in the group of POE fans. In the past month, we have studied a lot about POE, including its gameplay, mode, battle mechanics, skills, gems and more.

Undoubtedly, POE is such a popular game, and Tencent is the biggest publisher around China even the world, it created and invested hundreds of game companies, one of the most famous is League of Legends. Back in 2011, Tencent bought 93% stake of GGG for $400 million, and it has owned all stake of it by now, and made it exploding around the world.

That being said, when Tencent owns more than 51% stake of GGG, it was able to change some of the details of POE at any time.

Have you ever played Tencent's game? If so, you will definitely not be unfamiliar with its economy or micro-transactions, even for many Chinese players, they must pay for a game to play better, which is hidden features in Tencent's games, but it is also allowed.

Under this condition, the fans of POE are feared that Tencent will change POE as Chinese game structure, such as changing the micro-transaction or economic structure in the game.

You know, the flexible currency that can be used in POE, POE Currency covers a wide variety of in-game items, players can get them through various methods instead of purchasing by real money. And because of it, POE is always a free-to-play game.

Although the individual sellers of POE Currency for sale have never stopped, there is no access to trade in the official system, fortunately, Tencent has not changed any of the POE mode, but has maintained its independence to ensure the continued growth of the game.

Currently, the players of POE are still growing, which fully proves the participation of Tencent is making it better and better.

In addition to POE and League of Legends, Tencent also acquired some other online games companies, such as Funcom, Epic Games, but it always maintains the independence of the games in order to prevent those from becoming Chinese-style ones.

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