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How I Made Tons Of Currency With Ease In POE 3.21? - Zero Investment Strategy

Apr 12, 2023

Before we starting the Uber Facetank build seassion, we need a simple but fast and easy method to farm currency.

The Method

You will not need strong build for this, and you only need just 31 Atlas Tree Passives allocated. That’s like almost all white tier maps. So, no matter what build you play, you can do this without problems. I call this method Essence Rush.

You go in low-level maps like Tier 1 to Tier 3 (I bet you have many low tier maps in your stash) and then rush towards the Essences and complete the encounter. Then, fast scout the rest of the map and if the boss nears, kill him and leave.

I’m suggest to you try to use simple layout maps like Dunes, Belfry, Strand, Atoll, Fields, Cemetery, Lighthouse, Primordial Pool. This maps layout straight line or just one big zone, so you can’t miss the Essences or the map boss.

Maybe you wonder why is important to kill the map boss on a low level map? The reason is that we take a Shaping the Mountains. This will give us 10% chance to gain a random free map crafting options and it can give us free Essence craft or other useful things to use later. So, when you use the extra Essences craft on your next map, there will be 3 extra Essences.

But after you used this, do not forget to switch back to increased quant on your map device. Otherwise, it will eat all of your Chaos Orbs. Also, the map boss has a chance to drop even more maps that you can just burn away for more POE Currency.

Currency farming guides in POE 3.21

Atlas Passive Tree

Let’s see what our Atlas Passive Tree looks like. It’s very simple and straightforward. Take the Essences here. Now, every map has at least one Essence. Go towards Crystal Lattice. Now, you have a chance to your imprisined Essences, which contain 3 more Essences. We stop here a little. If you have more atlas point, you can allocate Shaping the Mountains.

But if you don’t have too much points to spare, you can skip this, then you don’t have to kill the map boss, just the Essences and then leave.

Moving forward to Crystal Resonance. If your imprisoned Essences contain Shrieking Essence, then it will duplicate when you released them. After this, we take Amplified Energies, your Essences will be 1 tier higher.

Selling And Tips

How to sell the Essences?

I suggest to you do not upgrade the Shrieking Essence to Deafening Essence because it will be harder to sell. Not every one can afford to spend like 1 to 2 Divine worth Essence for one single piece of gear at the league start. We are targeting a wider audience with this simple thing.

I tired of the upgrade thing, but I did not sell a single Deafening in the last few hours. Of course, you can upgrade till Shrieking. But do not go above.

Speaking of price, sadly, I cannot help with that. You have to check the price yourself. But often, the most common Essence going for like 1 Chaos Orb per piece. There is a few that little more expensive than this. So, look it up before you start selling.

And one last tip for the sales. If you put your Essence up for sale and you get tons of Whispers in the first few seconds. That means you under priced your Essence, so double check the price.

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The Profit So Far

I’m done this in method the last few hours and what can I say? I’m surprised how much Essence I collected so far. Players are purchasing essences like candy, so you don’t have to sit in your hideout for hours and wait till they sell.

So far, I made 10+ Divine Orbs with this. I could have more, but I had to upgrade my gear, purchase a few jewels for high tier maps. I only dropped one single Divine Orb naturedly, but I did not include in the result because I spent on my gear.


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